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Net::AMQP - a AMQP 0.9.1 client library (built and tested against RabbitMQ)


First start a consumer that will print the received messages:

use v6;

use Net::AMQP;

my $n =;

my $connection = $n.connect.result;

say 'connected';

my $channel = $;

say 'channel';

my $q = $channel.declare-queue('echo').result;

say 'queue';

    say 'Got message!';
    say $_.body.decode;
    if $_.body.decode eq 'exit' {
        $n.close("", "");

say 'set up';


say 'consuming';

await $connection;

Then run the script that will send a message sent on the command line,

use v6;

use Net::AMQP;

sub MAIN($message) {
    my $n =;

    await $n.connect;

    my $channel = $;

    $ => "echo", body => $message.encode);

    await $n.close("", "");


This is an async network library. Any -supply method returns a supply, and every other method will return a promise (with the exception of the initial call).



  • new

  • close

  • open-channel

  • connect


  • close

  • declare-exchange

  • exchange

  • declare-queue

  • queue

  • qos

  • flow

  • recover


  • delete

  • publish

  • return-supply


  • ack-supply



  • bind

  • unbind

  • purge

  • delete

  • consume

  • cancel


  • message-supply

  • recover



In order for this to work you will need to have access to an AMQP broker, the tests will, by default, use a broker on localhost with the default credentials. The tests will be skipped if no server is available,

Assuming you have a working installation of Rakudo Perl 6 then you will be able to install this with zef :

zef install Net::AMQP

# or if you have a local copy

zef install .