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Fonte is a Valve Source engine log parser. Currently supporting only the basic HL Engine commands.

More info can be found at HL Engine Log Standard documentation

Build Status


Fonte comes with a bunch of parsers that can be used individually. Also, there is the LogParser which will then includes all the other *Parser to parse a full log file.

For example, if you wish to parse only a player informaton, you could use the PlayerParser:

player ="Reu<2><STEAM_1:1:24968171><Red>")

player.nickname.value                   # => "Reu"
player.steam_id.value                   # => "STEAM_1:1:24968171"
player.steam_id.account_number.value    # => 24968171                       # => "Red"

Another case is parsing a rcon authentication individually and within a log:

rcon_parser =
rcon_authentication = rcon_parser.parse('Rcon: "rcon challenge "super secret" command" from ""')
rcon_authentication.password.value      # => "super secret"

log_parser =
log = log_parser.parse('L 12/26/2011 - 02:14:33: Rcon: "rcon challenge "super secret" command" from ""')
log.command.password.value              # => "super secret"                       # => 26

And here goes a very extensive example:

parser =
log = parser.parse('"Reu<2><STEAM_1:1:24968171><Blue>" killed "guimello<13><STEAM_1:1:34492580><Red>" with "minigun" (headshot) (attacker_position "3354 -2485 -187") (victim_position "3410 -2518 -149")')
log.command.value                                  # => "kill"
log.command.attacker.nickname.value                # => "Reu"                    # => "Blue"
log.command.victim.steam_id.value                  # => "STEAM_1:1:34492580"
log.command.victim.uid.value                       # => 13
log.command.weapon.value                           # => "minigun"["headshot"]           # => true["attacker_position"]  # => [3354, -2485, -187]

Games it supports

In the current version it can parse all TF2, L4D, CSS and DOD files.


This is a very early approach and can be a considered a proof of concept. Lots of things should (and will) be changed. For instance, I am not quite happy with the forced ".value" API, but for now, it was the easiest way to implement.