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Automatically monitor and restart process on failure, without any complicated DSL.

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Automatically monitor, restart, daemonize and notify about process failures without any complicated DSL.

Keepup was written with simplicity in mind, so it just monitors and automatic restart a single process. It has a very simple codebase (less than 150 lines of ANSI C) and no dependencies.


Clone the repository or copy the files to a local folder and run make install.


keepup [options] [command]

-d --daemonize                 Daemonize the process
-p --pidfile <path>            Writes a pidfile for the monitored process
-k --keepup-pidfile <path>     Writes a pidfile for the keepup process
-r --max-retries <number>      Inform the maximum number of allowed retries. When it is set to 0, the process will retry infinitely. Default is 0.
-e --error-command <command>   Execute <command> when the process fail


Automatic restart and daemonize the node build/server.js process.

$ keepup -d "node build/server.js"

Monitor a list of process (by using a simple shell script)

#!/usr/bin/env bash

keepup -d "mongod run --config /etc/mongodb/mongod.conf"
keepup -d "redis-server /etc/redis/6379.conf"
keepup -d "node /home/deployer/app/server.js"
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