Compiles Markdown to HTML for brunch
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markdown-brunch 1.7.1

Compiles Markdown files to HTML in brunch using Marked. Highlight.js support is included for syntax highlighting. Plugin checks for files that have one of the following extensions:

  • .markdown
  • .mdown
  • .mkdn
  • .md
  • .mkd
  • .mdwn
  • .mdtxt
  • .mdtext
  • .text

It is important to note that this will only generate the necessary HTML. It is up to you to apply any additional CSS themes to make it more presentable. Visit the highlight.js test site for a list of default themes by Highlight.js.


Marked's default configuration options can be overridden using config. For example:

  gfm: false
  smartypants: true

Syntax Highlighting

Code blocks by default do not get syntax highlighted.

No syntax highlighting here.

If a Highlight-supported language is identified in a fenced code block, it will get syntax highlighted.

function add(x, y) {
  return x + y;

You can also use the auto identifier to use Highlight's language auto-detect feature.

* {
  box-sizing: border-box;

For a list of supported languages, visit the highlight.js test site.


Add "markdown-brunch": "x.y.z" to package.json of your brunch app.

Pick a plugin version that corresponds to your minor (y) brunch version.

If you want to use git version of plugin, add "markdown-brunch": "git+ssh://".