plugin to create a hasManySelect() dropdown using Bootstrap and Popper.js
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plugin to create hasManySelect() function so you can both select and display selected values in a multiple select box.

Took the basic code for the select() function and added the required parts to allow for the display and selection of multiple options.

EX : hasManySelect(objectName="post", property="postCategory", multiple="multiple", keys="postid,categoryid", options=model("category").findAll(), valueField="id", textField="name", label=local.Label)

You will need a model that maps to a table that joins posts and categories together. The fields in that table should be postid, categoryid. You then need to setup the membership on these 3 tables to relate to eachother. The posts and categories tables have "hasMany()" and the postCategories table has "belongsTo()".

Depends on Bootstrap 4, jQuery, and popper.js to be loaded. Popper.js is currently loaded in this plugin using a CDN. jQuery on the default cfWheels site might be loaded at the bottom of the page and it needs to be moved to the head. Check your /views/layout.cfm to confirm this.

To make the plugin work you will need to update the rewrite file for your webserver to contain : "plugins/([\w-]+)/javascripts|plugins/([\w-]+)/stylesheets|", if those 2 entries don't already exist.