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archetypes update: archetypes Sep 18, 2019
content update: 添加一个内链 Oct 21, 2019
data fix: update logo Aug 17, 2019
static new(post): 毕业烦心事 Oct 19, 2019
themes update: theme Oct 6, 2019
.gitignore refactor: deploy to IPFS Sep 16, 2019
.gitmodules init Aug 17, 2019
LICENSE Update LICENSE Sep 11, 2019
gulpfile.js style: format code Oct 9, 2019
netlify.toml fix: replace Netlify redirects with Hugo aliases Sep 17, 2019
package-lock.json refactor: deploy to IPFS Sep 16, 2019
package.json refactor: deploy to IPFS Sep 16, 2019
sw-template.js fix: replace video hosting Oct 10, 2019

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