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A cross-shell customizable powerline-like prompt with icons
Rust Shell
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A cross-shell customizable powerline-like prompt heavily inspired by Agnoster. The faster rust port of bronze.

How does it work?

Unlike most shell prompts, silver is not written in shell script, but entirely in Rust.

When silver init is run, it outputs shell code that sets your prompt to run silver prompt, which outputs the actual prompt. The silver prompt command relies on environment variables for configuration.

Getting started

Since silver is not written in shell script, it should theoretically be compatible with any shell, but the three supported shells are Bash, Zsh, and fish.


To be able to use the custom icons (which are enabled by default), you must patch your font or install a pre-patched font from Nerd Fonts.


From source

  • install and setup Rust
  • run cargo install silver

From pre-compiled binary

  • download a binary on the releases page
  • add binary to PATH environment variable


On macOS, you will have to do a bit more:

  • install Homebrew
  • run brew install coreutils
  • add alias date="gdate" to your shell rc


Now that you have silver installed, you need to configure it. To have your prompt look like the one in the screenshot above, add this to your ~/.bashrc/~/.zshrc:

SILVER=(status:black:white dir:blue:black git:green:black cmdtime:magenta:black)
export SILVER_SHELL=$0 # bash, zsh, or fish

Or add the following to your ~/.config/fish/

set SILVER status:black:white dir:blue:black git:green:black cmdtime:magenta:black
set -x SILVER_SHELL fish

Now that silver is configured, you need to evaluate its bootstrap code.


eval "$(silver init)"


eval (silver init)


Documentation is available on the wiki.

Project structure

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