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@reupen reupen released this Sep 5, 2017 · 16 commits to master since this release

  • Improved performance on multi-core systems through increased use of parallelisation

  • Improved performance on all systems by lazily populating the tree view control

  • Corrected a bug with custom item indentation with multiple panel instances or when changing certain preferences

  • Made the panel remember its scroll positions between restarts

  • Minor preferences label changes and fixes

  • Various internal code changes

  • Windows XP and Vista are no longer officially supported. Support will be completely removed in a future version. Users of those operating systems are advised to stick with version 0.3.7

  • Compiled with Visual Studio 2017 15.3

Note: If 'Show horizontal scroll bar' is enabled and themed mode is enabled in Columns UI colours and fonts settings, you may experience slower initialisation times. You should either disable 'Show horizontal
scroll bar' or switch Album list panel to system or custom colours.

'Show horizontal scroll bar' is now disabled by default due to this impact on performance.

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