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Change log


  • Fixed a crash when adding a toolbar after the last toolbar and other potential misbehaviour in the toolbars. [#130]

  • Fixed misbehaviour when using the mouse wheel with the volume bar and the volume bar misreporting the current volume in some cases. [#131]


Playlist view

  • Removed the Columns playlist. On upgrade, any Columns playlist instances in layout presets will be replaced with NG playlist (now simply named playlist view). [#103, #114]

  • Slightly faster playlist grouping and sorting performance on multi-core PCs.

  • Right-clicking in empty space in the playlist view now correctly deselects all items and always displays a context menu. [#75]

  • Added a main menu command to toggle whether playlist groups are shown. (Additionally, if the menu item is added as button, the button will become pressed when the 'Show groups' is turned on.) [#100, #112]

  • Made system date title formatting fields always available and removed the associated option. [#123]

Filter panel

  • Significantly faster Filter panel performance on multi-core PCs. With a quad-core Intel Core-i7 6700K, initialisation time is just under half of what it was under 0.5.1 for a medium- to large-sized library.

Live layout editing

  • Added copy and paste context menu commands during live layout editing. [#121]


  • Refreshed the appearance of all preference pages. [#84, #85, #86, #87, #92, #93, #94, #95, #118]

  • Made panel copying and pasting in Layout preferences use the Windows clipboard. [#97]

  • Fixed a bug where pressing Enter or Return while editing a playlist grouping script would close the dialog box. [#48]

  • Updated the style and global script help commands to open web-based documentation. [#117]

Notification area

  • Added the ability to close foobar2000 to the notification area. [Contributed by tuxzz, #56]

Item details panel

  • Made the Item details panel load full metadata (including large fields such as lyrics) for selected items. (Note: full metadata for playing tracks is dependent on the input component.) [#68]


  • Added an output device toolbar (for foobar2000 1.4 and newer only). [#105]

  • Added a ReplayGain source mode toolbar (for foobar2000 1.4 and newer only). [#106, #116]

  • Added a DSP preset toolbar (for foobar2000 1.4 and newer only). [#115, #116]

  • Added a live layout editing button to the default buttons toolbar configuration. [#99]

  • Fixed a bug in the buttons toolbar where clicking on a context menu item button configured to use the 'Active selection' item group, with selection viewers set to prefer the playing track, would not have an effect if a track was playing. Now, the button will operate on the current selection as expected. [#110]

  • Corrected the display of the names of dynamic context menu items in buttons toolbar options. [#111]

  • Corrected the scale used in the volume bar so that -10 dB is at the 50% mark, -20 dB at the 25% mark etc. [#109]

Status pane

  • Corrected the status pane playback status when resume playback on start-up is enabled and foobar2000 is started when playback was previously paused.

  • Corrected the colour of text in the status pane when using high-contrast Windows themes. [Contributed by MAxonn, #59]

Configuration importing and exporting

  • Removed the ability to import FCS files.

  • Changed the syntax of CLI commands for importing configurations from FCL files. The commands now use the following syntax: /columnsui:import <path> and /columnsui:import-quiet <path>. [#47]

  • Added CLI commands for exporting the current configuration to an FCL file. The added commands are /columnsui:export <path> and /columnsui:export-quiet <path>. [#47]


  • The value of the 'Allow resizing of locked panels' setting is now available to other components. [#53]

  • Added a reliable mechanism for third-party splitter panels to store extra configuration data for child panels that persists through panel copy-and-paste operations. [#52]

Other changes

  • Added compatibility with Windows 10 system media transport controls under foobar2000 1.4. [#101]

  • Some minor changes to labels and layout in various dialogs.

  • Updated standalone dialogs to use the Segoe UI font. [#125]

  • Corrected the icons used in some dialogs. [#8]

  • The component is no longer compatible with Windows XP and Vista. Users of those operating systems are advised to stick with version 0.5.1.

  • Miscellaneous internal code refactoring.

  • Compiled with the foobar2000 1.4 SDK.

  • Compiled with Visual Studio 2017 15.7.


NG playlist

  • Fixed a bug which caused some columns to be hidden when fully scrolled right with the artwork column active. [#38]

  • Fixed a bug which caused group heading lines to not be rendered correctly after scrolling right. [#38]

  • Changed the colour of the insertion marker for drag-and-drop operations in NG playlist. It now uses the text colour (previously, it was always black). [#39]

Other changes

  • Fixed a problem where auto-hide panels would get stuck open following long operations in the UI thread [#35]

  • Fixed clipped 'Selected item:' text on the Colours tab in the Colours and Fonts preferences page.

  • Fixed a problem in the NG playlist, playlist switcher and filter panels where when a negative vertical item padding was in use, a text cursor would not appear when using inline editing. This was fixed by making the text box at least as tall as the font. [#45]

  • Compiled with Visual Studio 2015 Update 3.


Layout and toolbars

  • A duplicate preset button has been added to the layout configuration page. [#14]

  • When the main window is deactivated with the menu bar focused, the focus is now restored to the window that had the keyboard focus before the menu bar did when the main window is reactivated. (Previously, the focus was incorrectly returned to the menu bar.) [#18]

  • The minimum width of toolbars without an explicit minimum width has been reduced to be the same as the minimum height (21 pixels at 100% DPI).

  • Improved preferences behaviour when importing FCL files and switching between pages; previously preferences may have shown old values after importing an FCL file. [#23]

  • Panel sizes are now DPI-aware in the standard splitters, and non-auto-size columns. In particular, this affects the quick setup presets, FCL files, and layouts after the system DPI setting has been changed. [#22] [#21]

  • Added an option to control whether locked panels can be manually resized in the standard splitters. [#24]

  • Fixed minor rendering glitches in the toolbars when resizing the main window on some versions of Windows.

  • Fixed potentially incorrect sizing of panels when resizing the main window and using Playlist tabs without a child panel.


  • Improved the appearance of Filter search bar icons at some DPI settings.

  • Added an option to control whether column titles are shown in Filters. [#28]

  • Made Filter panels sortable (can be disabled in preferences). [#28]

  • Reworked Filter preferences and moved them to a separate page.

Playlist view

  • The performance of NG playlist grouping for large playlists has been improved on multi-core systems.

  • The 'Edit this column' command in the context menu of column titles now scrolls to the column in preferences if it is out of view. The command also now behaves correctly if the preferences window is already open.

Other changes

  • Corrected truncated 'Size weight' label in Columns tab in Playlist View preferences page at some DPI settings.

  • Corrected some misbehaviours of the 'active item frame' option in the Colours and Fonts preferences page.

  • Compiled with Visual Studio 2015 Update 2.


Improved spectrum analyser

Improved spectrum analyser display by using foobar2000's 'New FFT [behaviour] for spectrum-generating methods' and adjusting x- and y-axis logarithmic scales.

Using a linear y-axis is no longer particularly useful and it's recommended that anyone that was using a linear y-axis switches to a logarithmic y-axis.

Improved drag and drop behaviour

All standard panels now implement drag images, labels and drop descriptions when a drag and drop operation is started from them. Currently, the drag image is the default image provided by the shell, but this may include artwork in the future. [#11]

You can no longer drop files on panels in the layout area that do not implement drop handlers (e.g. Console panel and Album list panel).

The default action when dragging files to Windows Explorer is now always copy. Previously, when dragging files to another folder on the same drive, the default operation would be to move the files.

When dragging files to the playlist switcher or playlist tabs, you can now force a new playlist to be created by holding down Alt.

When a new playlist is created by dropping files on the playlist tabs, it will be created where the files were dropped when possible.

When reordering playlists in the playlist switcher, the insertion point is now below the item under the pointer when over the bottom half of that item.

Fixed a bug where dragging unsupported objects over some panels would cause the drag image to get stuck on the edge of the panel.

Fixed a bug where dragging a file from Windows Explorer to foobar2000 near the right-edge of the screen would cause the drop description label to jump about.

Improved auto-hide panel behaviour

If a drag-and-drop operation is started from a auto-hide panel, or a panel in an auto-hide splitter, it no longer immediately hides itself. In particular, this allows things like reordering playlists in an auto-hide playlist switcher.

Resizing a hidden auto-hide panel would sometimes cause it to get stuck open. This has been fixed. [#8]

Splitter divider width is now configurable


The setting is on the Layout preferences page.

Improved high-DPI behaviour

[#16] [#9]

The default values of the following are now DPI-aware:

  • Splitter divider width
  • Columns/NG playlist vertical item padding
  • Playlist switcher vertical item padding
  • Filter panel vertical item padding
  • NG playlist artwork column width

Additionally, when transferring those settings to another PC via FCL files, or when changing the system DPI, the values will automatically be scaled appropriately.

Similar changes will be made for other settings in an upcoming version.

Other bug fixes

  • If you sort by a column in NG Playlist, this can now be undone using the Undo command.
  • Fixed various truncated text labels in various dialogs on certain DPI settings.
  • Corrected the behaviour of the up and down buttons for the auto-hide show and hide delay settings in preferences.
  • Added a workaround for an OS bug that could cause the main menu to be incorrectly activated when foobar2000 was alt-tabbed out of and a global keyboard shortcut using Ctrl+Alt was used to activate the foobar2000 window.
  • When the main menu is focused (by pressing Alt or F10), F10 can now correctly be used to deactivate the menu.
  • Fixed a bug where if foobar2000 was minimised to a notification icon, and you then hid the notification icon in preferences, you would be left with no notification icon and no visible window.
  • Fixed odd behaviour of centre- and right-alignment in Item details when word wrapping was off. [#17]
  • Fixed incorrect inclusion of trailing spaces on lines in Item details when word wrapping was on.


  • Updated to latest foobar2000 SDK; foobar2000 1.3+ now required [#1]
  • Disabled a compiler option causing problems on XP/Wine [#6]
  • Compiled with Visual Studio 2015 Update 1
  • New /columnsui:import-quiet CLI command to import FCLs with fewer prompts than /columnsui:import

  • Fixed obscure bug sometimes causing panels not to appear on start-up when using Columns playlist

  • Fixed notification area icon scaling in high-DPI mode
  • Fixed spectrum analyser bars mode scaling in high-DPI mode
  • Added NG Playlist groups to FCLs [#2]
  • Compiled with Visual Studio 2015


  • Fixed high-DPI bugs in the toolbars
  • Fixed/worked around Windows 8 panning gesture misbehaviour
  • Various code tidy-ups
  • Compiled with Visual Studio 2013

  • Removed libpng dependency in buttons toolbar
  • Added support for more image types in buttons toolbar
  • Improved buttons toolbar options window
  • Default button images are now DPI-aware (for custom images this only applies to icon files)
  • Corrected default NG Playlist grouping scheme
  • Fixed Items Details panel crash with malformed font change codes
  • Amended Filter panel default playlist sort script
  • Improved artwork edge-pixel rendering
  • Added support for paths relative (to foobar2000 installation) in buttons toolbar
  • Misc fixes

  • Made Filter search clear button optional
  • When placed in a stock splitter with Filter panels, Filter search will only affect those Filters
  • Fixed misbehaviours when using "Selection viewers: Prefer currently playing track" in recent foobar2000 versions
  • Fixed/changed Filter search behaviours when no Filters are visible
  • Playlist grouping is now case-sensitive.
  • Added support for Ctrl+C to Item Properties panel (copies selection as text)
  • Misc changes

  • Misc changes

  • Filter search will now function if no Filter panels are in the active layout
  • Added Clear button to Filter search
  • Fixed Filter search misbehaviours when Filter precendence is set to "By field list above".
  • Enter key in Filter search now displays results in Filter panel autosend playlist
  • Misc Filter search bug fixes

  • Added status pane font configuration
  • Resolved some item details font change word wrapping issues
  • Added new Filter search toolbar; removed the previous search facility

  • Added support for foobar2000 1.0 dynamic main menu commands in buttons toolbar
  • Added "active selection" mode for buttons in buttons toolbar
  • Fixed toolbar issues on Windows XP
  • Added tab-column support in status pane

  • Fixed crash when using playlist inline metadata editing

  • Improved UI appearance when closing foobar2000 during playback
  • Added new "status pane"
  • Added suppport for foobar2000 1.0 artwork reader
  • Fixed an issue where a single track group would have its artwork reloaded when the track is modified
  • Tidied up buttons toolbar options/removed obsolete options
  • Fixed: starting a drag and drop operation with the right mouse button wasn't implemented in the new list control (NG Playlist etc.)
  • Improved drag and drop feedback on Windows Vista and newer when source item is from Windows Explorer
  • Misc changes / bug fixes

  • Fixed a regression in version where Item Details panel didn't correctly update when a scrollbar is shown/hidden


  • Fixed/worked around status bar flicker issue
  • Worked around an issue when updating Windows 7 task bar thumbnail buttons

  • Fixed an issue with colour codes in Item details panel

  • Fixed issue with padding when using "tab columns"

  • Bug fix

  • Bug fix

  • Worked around ExtTextOut font fallback issues; rewrote large portions of text rendering code
  • In layout preferences, copy & pasting nodes now does not allow multiple instances of single instance panels
  • Updated keyboard shortcut processing in standard panels to use newer Core API
  • Misc changes / fixes

  • Bug fixes

  • Fixes a rare issue with Item details panel, with it encountering invalid UTF-8 characters - apparently when listening to certain radio streams - causing the panel to get stuck in an infinite loop (eventually crashing).

  • Fixed an issue preventing 'Artist picture' being selected as a source in the artwork panel.

  • Added support for artist picture to artwork view panel
  • Added autocomplete suggestions to NG Playlist inline editing
  • Bug fixes


  • Improvements to the Item Properties panel
  • Bug fixes

  • Fixed a crash when removing items whilst making a selection in NG Playlist and other panels
  • Various bug fixes
  • Optimisations to Filter Panel updates on media library changes.

  • Various bug fixes

  • Rewritten playlist switcher panel
  • Fixed a couple of cases where natural numeric sorting was not in place
  • Default buttons toolbar icons are now 16x16
  • Help button in preferences now directly opens the respective wiki page
  • Misc changes / fixes

  • Workaround for kernel stack exhaustion on 64-bit Windows when applications with certain global hooks are running
  • Uses 'natural number sorting'
  • Added support for multiple artwork sources per artwork type (requires reconfiguring artwork sources after upgrading)

  • Bug fix

  • NG Playlist: Fixed 'Show groups' option not working
  • Added edge style options to item properties, item details, artwork view panels
  • Item details panel: Improvements to options dialog
  • Item details panel: Added vertical alignment option
  • Item details panel: Some bug fixes
  • Item details panel: Added %default_font_face% and %default_font_size% fields
  • General tidying

  • Work on 'out of the box' user experience
    • Retired Columns Playlist as the default playlist view
    • Added new presets to initial Quick Setup
    • Added a few more options to initial Quick Setup
    • Tweaked a couple of default settings
  • Fixed an issue with NG Playlist not sorting files dropped from external applications correctly
  • Alternate selection model works with NG Playlist
  • Rearranging columns by their titles now works in NG Playlist

  • Item details panel: Fixed some issues with word wrapping and colour codes.

  • Item details panel: Added possibility to dynamically change font.


  • NG playlist: Fixed tooltips setting was not applied correctly after restarting fooobar2000
  • Artwork view: Fixed displayed artwork type being reset after restarting foobar2000

  • Fixed an few issue with Filter panel when tracks are removed from media library

  • Fixed a crash issue with artwork view panel

  • Item details panel: mouse wheel support
  • Item details panel: word wrapping support
  • Item details panel: colour codes now span across multiple lines
  • Item details panel: performance optimisations
  • Filter panel: Fixed search query not being applied on media library changes
  • Filter panel: Performance optimisations to media library change handlers
  • NG Playlist: Fixed double clicking on columns title divider

  • Hot fix

  • Fixed: Item count in first filter in chain did not update correctly on media library changes
  • Fixed: Some issues in button toolbar command picker for context menu commands
  • Changed: Tab stack forces broken panels to be hidden on creation
  • Added: New Item details panel.


  • Added 'Lock type' option to artwork view panel to prevent displayed artwork type automatically changing
  • New tracking modes for artwork view panel including 'Current selection'
  • Can now toggle displayed artwork type from artwork view shortcut menu

  • Hot fix

  • Added option to preserve aspect ratio in artwork view
  • Support for artwork with alpha channel in NG Playlist
  • Fixed: status bar description were not displayed for the NG Playlist and Filter Panel item shortcut menus
  • Fixed: Incorrect sort arrow directions in NG Playlist
  • Added option to restrict built-in foobar2000 artwork reader to embedded images only
  • Improved performance of "Show reflections" for artwork in NG Playlist
  • Added option to disable low artwork reader thread priority in NG Playlist
  • Misc bug fixes


  • bug fixes

  • artwork reader threads are now low priority
  • can change font of NG Playlist group titles
  • added inline editing to selection properties
  • item properties panel now automatically updates when tracks are modified
  • 'automatic' tracking mode in item properties
  • tweaked default no artwork found image
  • fixed versioning scheme


beta 2

preview 11

initial release
  • Improved initial setup dialog
  • Can now access initial setup from preferences
  • Added Item Properties panel
  • Added vertical item padding option to Filter Panel
  • Improved Filter Panel "Add to active playlist" behaviour
  • Fixed: F2 didn't if mouse activated inline editing was disabled in NG Playlist
  • Fixed: Put dropped files at end of playlist did not work in NG Playlist
  • Misc bug fixes
build c
  • You can view autoplaylist properties (with foobar2000
  • You can use the mouse wheel over tab stack/playlist tabs (tested on Vista only)
  • Partial fix of the problem with tall artwork and reflections
build e
  • Various bug fixes
  • Passes through artwork images unaltered if the source size is the same as the destination size

preview 10

  • added search query to Filter Panel

preview 9

  • fixed: extra empty item was displayed in Filter Panel

preview 8

  • added selectable tracking modes for artwork viewer panel: auto/playing item/active playlist item
  • fixed NG Playlist issue with global style string not being inherited into custom column style strings
  • added options in prefs to control NG Playlist artwork
  • removed option: "Use alternative selection option (Columns Playlist only)"
  • fixed a issue with %is_playing% in playlist switcher panel and dead tracks
  • changed default no cover image
  • added %playlist_name%/%_playlist_name% in playlist views
  • added option to show artwork reflection in NG Playlist

preview 7

  • fixed some bugs with relative artwork paths

preview 6

  • corrected some possible glitches when resizing artwork column in NG Playlist
  • fixed NG Playlist / Filter Panel losing scroll position when resize really small

preview 5

  • Fixed incorrect text positioning when using tab characters in playlist etc.
  • Added support for wildcards in artwork source scripts
  • Removed need to specify the file extension in artwork source scripts
  • Added support for relative paths in artwork source scripts
  • Made using the foobar2000 built-in artwork reader optional
  • Added default no cover image
  • Stopped artwork reader from attempting to read remote files
  • Drag and drop sensitivity is based upon system settings in NG Playlist/Columns Playlist/Filter Panel now
  • Performance optimisations to NG Playlist artwork reading
  • Added reset style string button under 'Tools' on 'Globals' prefs page
  • Updated default global style string to use %list_index% rather than %playlist_number%
  • NG Playlist now automatically scrolls when dragging items over it
  • Optimised performance of NG Playlist when date/time changes (when date info enabled)

preview 4

  • Fixed bug that prevented width of artwork column from being saved across sessions

preview 3

  • Added minimum height for groups when artwork is enabled
  • Bug fixes

preview 2

  • Fixed display glitch with inline metadata editing in NG Playlist
  • Changed processing order for artwork reading in NG Playlist

preview 1

  • Added support for displaying artwork within NG Playlist
  • Some changes/fixes to NG Playlist

beta 1

preview 6

  • some fixes for %filesize% field in playlist switcher

preview 5

  • Some improvements to dropping items on NG Playlist
  • Fixed: Items dragged from Filter Panel were not sorted
  • Rewrote back end of Artwork Panel
  • Added support for stub image in Artwork Panel
  • Removed support for "Icon" artwork
  • Added "Show items with empty labels" option in Filter Panel
  • Added New button on columns config page
  • added %filesize% and %filesize_raw% to NG Playlist

preview 4

  • Added support for fixed artwork repositories in Artwork panel
  • Some fixes / changes to the Artwork panel

preview 3

  • Fixed some rendering glitches in splitters in preview 2

preview 2

  • Some bug fixes and minor changes

preview 1

  • Added option for filter panel precedence to be determined by position in splitter. Note: Only works with standard horizontal/vertical splitters.
  • Added simple artwork viewer for currently playing track.
  • Some optimisations for Filter Panel prefs page
  • Some fixes to Colours prefs page
  • Some bug-fixes to Filter panel


alpha 11


  • fixed filter field assignments being reset on startup
  • fixed problem with selected item text colour in unified colour config
  • fixed an issue clicking on group headers in NG Playlist
initial release
  • Unified colour and font settings are now exported to FCL files
  • Added support for field remappings and titleformatting to Filter Panel
  • Added edge style setting to filter panel
  • Fixed column style strings in NGPV
  • Fixed middle click action in Filter Panel
  • Misc fixes / changes.

preview 2

  • fixed colours prefs page layout
initial release
  • Added unified fonts configuration
  • Colour and font settings from previous versions are now automatically imported
  • Rewrote live layout editing backend
  • Added 'Show caption' and 'Locked' options to live editing panel context menu
  • This is a PREVIEW RELEASE only and is not the final alpha 11. It has the following limitations:
    • Settings from the new unified colours and fonts page are not exported to FCL files

preview 1

  • Added unified colour configuration page
  • NGPV now scrolls to the focused item the first time you activate a playlist
  • fixed: selection colours were not working in colour codes in NGPV
  • corrected an error in the default style script (missing % sign after %_display_index)
  • This is a PREVIEW RELEASE only and is not the final alpha 11. It has the following limitations:
    • The design/specification of the unified colour configuration is not finalised and does not include fonts as yet
    • As per the previous point, settings from the new unified colours page are not exported to FCL files

alpha 10


  • fixed Ctrl+mouse wheel horizontal scrolling not working correctly
  • added support for restoring deleted playlists in playlist switcher/tabs panel
  • NGPV now remembers scroll positions across playlists (not across foobar2000 instances)
  • improved group Ctrl-click behaviour in NGPV
  • fixed: in columns prefs the column name in the list of columns didn't update after renaming the column
  • fixed failed FCL export when layout contains empty playlist tabs panel
  • fixed: moving playing item no longer loses playback marker
  • other miscellaneous changes / fixes


  • fixed crash introduced in v2 on empty playlists in NGPV


  • fixed some more suboptimal rendering issues in NG Playlist

initial release

  • filter panel now acts as a source for drag and drop operations.
  • fixed double click on empty area being triggered in some areas it shouldn't
  • added various options/features from Columns Playlist to NG Playlist
  • fixed: too much rendering was going on when updating the playing item in NGPV
  • fixed: duplicates would be sent to the playlist in filter panel if a track appears in the selected nodes multiple times.
  • fixed/changed various other miscellaneous things

alpha 9

v2 / v3

  • fixes grouping bugs when second (or above) level group has same text as adjacent group at the same level.

initial release

  • fixed undo command for some actions in playlist
  • added support for vertical item padding setting in NGPV
  • added support for configurable items and column header font in NGPV
  • fixed some focus issues with tabs splitter
  • fixed issue with decrease font size wrapping around weirdly
  • changed some ellipsis behaviour in text renderer for right/centre aligned columns
  • added support for double click on empty area in NGPV
  • added logarithmic (horizontal and vertical) scale options to spectrum analyser (enabled by default)
  • added configurable double/middle click actions to Filter Panel
  • misc. changes / fixes

alpha 8

  • Fixed: middle clicking in filter panel did unexpected things
  • Added: configurable colours and style string support to NGPV
    • to deal with alternating item colours in NGPV, the global style string is evaluated on a group header context and some new fields are added (NGPV only):
      • %_display_index% - index of item as displayed in the playlist view (i.e. counting group headers as an item). use $if2(%_display_index%,%playlist_number%) if using Columns Playlist as well
      • %_is_group% - indicates the script is being evaluated in the context of a group header
    • some colours are fixed in 'Themed' mode (which as a reminder only does anything useful on Vista). in other modes group background and foreground colours are customisable via $set_style (text/back colours)
  • Added: tooltip support to NGPV and Filter Panel
  • Performance optimisations to Filter Panel
  • Fixed: FCL was using legacy main window title / status bar / notification icon tooltip scripts
  • Fixed: importing FCL didn't refresh NGPV
  • Added: Support for alignment setting in NGPV
  • Added: NGPV saves column sizes
  • Fixed: various column settings synchronisation issues (between NGPV and Columns Playlist)
  • Fixed: columns were lost under some circumstances
  • Other misc. fixes

alpha 7


  • Fixed NG Playlist groups refresh on active playlist rename

initial release

  • Corrected some selection behaviours in NG Playlist/Filter Panel
  • Added playlist filters for NG Playlist groups and removed playlist-specific fields from group script title formatting
  • Fixed buttons toolbar compatibility with 'Quick Tagger'
  • Added incremental search to Filter Panel/NG Playlist (using first column)
  • Fixed bug where NG Playlist/Filter Panel may allow resizing of columns in autosize mode
  • Fixed hide/show columns from within Columns Playlist when autosize is disabled
  • Added built-in configuration for main window / notification icon tooltip / status bar title scripts.
  • Added support for 'Show columns titles' option to NG Playlist
  • Added FCL support for existing command line import command
  • Miscellaneous fixes

alpha 6

  • Bug fixes to live layout editing
  • Changed Columns prefs page
  • Fixed NG Playlist not updating %playlist_number% etc. correctly on playlist contents change
  • Various miscellaneous bug fixes

alpha 5

  • Added cut, copy and paste commands to playlist view and playlist switcher
  • Fixed crash bug in Filter Panel on media library changes
  • Small change in splitter behaviour to allow for live editing
  • Requires foobar2000 0.9.5
  • Misc changes/improvements

alpha 4


  • fixed auto-size in NG Playlist when switching playlists

initial release

  • Auto-sizing columns in NG Playlist
  • Inline metadata editing in NG Playlist
  • Inline metadata editing in Filter Panel
  • Fixed Shift + LMB in NG Playlist
  • Clicking on group in NG Playlist selects its items
  • Playlist shows focus rectangle when 'Playback follows cursor' is enabled
  • Added option to disable auto-send in Filter Panel
  • Added handlers for some standard keyboard shortcuts in playlist view
  • Added a solution for losing-playing-item-when-changing-view-in-filter-panel syndrome
  • Fixed Filter panel focus bug on startup
  • Added double click action to Filter Panel and some context menu entries
  • Some bug-fixes

alpha 3

  • Filter Panel updates to media library changes
  • Added context menu to Filter Panel
  • Misc. bug fixes / changes to Filter Panel

alpha 2

  • added filter panel
  • added support for globals, playlist filters to NG Playlist
  • added pressed state for live editing command in buttons toolbar

alpha 1

  • moved NG Playlist into Columns UI
  • added 'Live editing' of layout
  • discontinued support for Windows 2000



  • bug fixes

RC 1

  • fixed mouse wheel on playback order dropdown
  • removed FCL warnings
  • respects system wide setting for showing item focus

beta 1

  • Added new mode to FCL exporting (private/non-shareable)
  • Some other changes around FCL im/exporting
  • Changed tab stack window placement
  • Some bug fixes in tab stack
  • Some bug fixes in layout editor
  • Worked around Vista ComboBox in playback order toolbar not responding to WM_MOUSEWHEEL anymore

alpha 3

  • built-in tab stack splitter
  • fixed total selected length for tracks with undefined length (i.e. live internet streams)
  • fixed 'reset presets' in layout editor
  • misc bug fixes / changes

alpha 2

  • Added FCL import settings selection dialog and missing panels dialog
  • fixed bug where if the only change you made in layout editor was changing the base the changes would not get applied/saved
  • removed legacy fcs exporting
  • fixed bars mode in spectrum analyser half height
  • fixed sort arrows in columns playlist on vista
  • some small changes to prefs
  • changed some behaviours of inline metafield editor

alpha 1

  • Changed versioning scheme, since old one was a mess.
  • fixed bug in inline metafield editor where editing single file/empty field resulted in "<multiple values>" being pre-filled
  • changed behaviour of multiple file inline metafield editor so you can edit non-consecutive files
  • Added complete layout settings export (accessible from main prefs page)
  • Added support for themed playlist on Vista. Note: The default style string has changed as a result.
  • Added first-time setup prompt.
  • Fixed can't undo some rearrange items in playlist actions
  • Fixed regression where window focus wasn't saved after switching windows
  • Seek bar/Volume bar use pressed state when themed
  • Playlist switcher item actions in context menu moved to submenu


beta 1

v8 TEST (forum release)

  • fixed bug in spectrum analyser bars mode where extra filled rows were sometimes drawn
  • fixed bug where buttons toolbar doesn't call register_callback/deregister_callback on clients
  • added multi-file inline metafield editor (highlight multiple consecutive files and use F2 to activate)
  • added copy/paste to layout editor
  • updated to current foobar2000 SDK


  • fixed crash with button using Now Playing item group when nothing is playing
  • misc. fixes


  • fixed problem resizing panels with toggle area enabled
  • fixed crash when panel calls relinquish_ownership on panel owned by splitter
  • improved performance of spectrum analyser bars mode
  • fixed some problems editing layout when another UI is active
  • fixed a problem with autohide and maximised window
  • fixed inline metadata editing problems (tabbing) since foobar2000 version 0.9.3
  • compiled with lastest foobar2000 SDK (Vista compatibility)


  • fixed problems with move up/down in layout config


  • fixed default buttons on XP with < 32 bpp system colour depth


  • fixed bug in layout editor with single instance panels


  • fixed crash pressing ALT with toolbars disabled

initial release

Released 2006.04.28

  • replaced old vertical/horizontal splitters with new panel based horizontal/vertical splitters
  • added preset support, with accompanying menu items, and default presets
  • rewritten layout preferences page, with possibility to switch splitters to other types
  • improved autohide behaviour
  • broke compatibility with old layout configs
  • axed sidebar
  • added toggle area, custom title option for panels
  • other minor changes
  • added new "inactive selection text" colour, fixes default config on default XP theme
  • the playlist view colours listed in colours and fonts are now exported to fcs files
  • added "export paths" mode for saving fcb files; for use locally on your own computer only
  • broke compatibility with old panels (only need recompiling)
  • added export/import settings funcs to panel api, for future possibility of saving layout to a file
  • fixed error when GDI+ not installed (i.e. Windows 2000)
  • changed default buttons (on Windows XP and newer only)
  • improved visibility of lock icon
  • fixed corrupted PNG loading apparently no-one ever managed to notice (bit-depth < 32bpp and greyscale imgaes)
  • resolved problem where masstage scripts were not listed in buttons action list
  • other minor changes

pre-alpha 17


  • Volume toolbar uses GDI+ where available
  • Fixed rendering glitch with tooltips on Windows 2000.


  • fixed bugged toolbar/panel context menus


  • fixed some recent rendering issues in toolbars
  • fixed volume toolbar taking focus
  • fixed volume toolbar scroll wheel direction
  • changed appaerance of volume toolbar, removed caption
  • fixed bug with splitter in hidden splitter
  • fixed status bar part sizing in certain conditions
  • broke compatibility with old panels (there was none, but..)
  • other changes / fixes


  • made text below icons not force text on all buttons now
  • fixed double click on empty playlist area action
  • fixed toggling locked, hidden states for splitters in prefs
  • fixed a bug with splitters auto-hide not resizing correctly
  • added toolbar support for volume control
  • cleaned-up part of text renderer code; prevent possible infinite loop
  • other misc changes / fixes


  • fixed crash when selecting "Show toolbars" in menu


  • menu bar buttons no longer hardcoded, generated at time menu is created from new main menu apis
  • added basic inline metafield editing
  • updated to foobar200 0.9 (rc+)
  • some fixes to volume popup
  • fixed "Save playlist..." in playlist switcher
  • other minor fixes / changes

pre-alpha 16


  • fixed problem with cell-frames
  • old-style style string only supported when legacy mode enabled now
  • fixed 'show keyboard shortcuts in menus' in several places
  • fixed status bar context menu


  • removed "show keyboard shortcuts in menus" option, uses global setting now, and fixed some related bugs
  • added vertical position saving when switching between playlists
  • added volume popup for status bar
  • per-cell styles inherited from track-style string (use legacy option to disable)
  • added support for colour codes with selection colours to $set_style
  • bumped fcs version
  • updated to beta 13

pre-alpha 15


  • fixed bug were vis updates increased after each track played during non-stop playback


  • fixed custom buttons custom bitmap not remembered
  • fixed bug in new colours
  • increased vis fps to 40


  • fixed crash bug with multiple spectrum analysers


  • fixed problem with 'no edges' buttons toolbar style
  • fixed couple issues with tooltips in playlist switcher panel
  • fixed crash when rightclicking in empty area on playlist tabs and choosing "move left" or "move right"
  • volume part in status bar size is now calculated using the correct font when theming is enabled
  • status bar: total length of selected parts is dynamically sized beyond a minimum size.
  • status bar: volume part is dynamically sized
  • buttons: importing fcb uses existing images if they are the same
  • added/fixed support for "dynamic" menu items in buttons toolbar, etc. (e.g. Playlist/Sort)
  • changed default colours
  • changed positioning on first run
  • updated to b12
  • compiled with vc8
  • other less visible fixes / changes etc.

pre-alpha 14

  • restored 'spectrum analyser' to list of panels, removed 'simple visualisation'
  • fixed an issue with %_is_playing% in playlist switcher
  • improved rebar context menu behaviour when panels have menu items
  • integrated custom buttons toolbar
  • fixed descriptions on playlist switcher context menu
  • fixed colour codes in playlist switcher panel tooltips
  • added "add to playback queue" to mis=ddle click actions
  • other minor changes
  • updated to 0.9 b7
  • added %_text% etc to style string to specify default colours
  • re-added highlight of playing track todefault config

pre-alpha 13


  • corrected order dropdown minimum height


  • fixed crash bug after deleting playing playlist and it was last playlist
  • corrected minimum width of playback order dropdown
  • fixed GDI leak in playlist in previous pa13 versions
  • changed behaviour of playlist switcher %is_playing% field, should work better now


  • fixed when switching themes, playlist view colours did not update as expected when use custom colours is off.
  • fixed after switching to classic theme, seekbar would not render correctly until foobar2000 was restarted.
  • fixed changing tabs font did not move child window
  • fixed creating new playlists did not move child window (when multiline tabs enabled)
  • fixed renaming a playlist did not move child window (multiline tabs, bug from 0.1.2!)
  • fixed tabs did not update names when reordered
  • fixed size limits when child window does not have any
  • changed positioning of child window to something similar to old style
  • added %length%, %is_active%, %is_playing%, and %lock_name% to playlist swwitcher formatting
  • fixed a caching bug in playlist view when reordering playlists


  • fixed crash when all status bar parts removed


  • playlist switcher panel does not use LBS_HASSTRINGS anymore
  • playlist switcher titleformatting has %size% available
  • playlist switcher titleformatting supports tab chars now
  • finally found a work around for double clicking on tooltips under common controls 6
  • added option to use system active item frame in playlist view
  • added option not to use custom colors in playlist view
  • ctrl+enter in default playlist view adds focused item to the playback queue
  • added transparency option for main window
  • fixed always on top, applying 'status bar' and 'notification area icon tooltip' titleformatting scripts
  • added playlist lock status to status bar
  • added playlist tabs as a splitter panel
  • replaced seekbar trackbar with custom control (= transparent background under xp themes and less mess)
  • fixed right clicking on last item in playlist if only partially visible
  • removed redundant 'Apply' buttons in prefs.
  • fixed changeing status bar font under commctrl 5 did not reposition windows
  • fixed playlist tabs contextmenu when invoked from keyboard
  • axed 'list all toolbars'
  • other misc. fixes/changes

pre-alpha 12


  • fixed size limits for splitters (again)


  • some bug fixes


  • fixed clipped prefs
  • fixed sorting when dropping files


Released 2005.06.05

  • fixed: double clicking on a track when tracks are in playback queue does not work
  • fixed: status bar selected items total length was broken
  • fixed: hidden splitters were broken
  • small fixes to prefs layout, adding warnings etc.
  • fixed crash bug when applying changes to layout
  • fixed some contextmenu key behaviours
  • host background uses COLOR_3DFACE as oposed to COLOR_MENUBAR on winxp with themes off for real this time
  • finished implementation for $set_style, renamed color string to style string
  • fixed some drag and drop selection/sorting behaviours
  • added %is_locked% to playlist switcher panel formatting
  • now sets maximum height for seekbar
  • fixed some other minor issues

pre-alpha 11


Released 2005.05.26

  • fixed playlist switcher context menus were slow
  • fixed using %_system_month% would either crash, or return the year instead
  • fixed playlist view action when double clicking on empty space was broken.


Released 2005.05.26

  • fixed a size limit bug for splitters in v1


Released 2005.05.25

  • date fields apply everywhere, added julian days field
  • fixed problem with column widths and hiding columns with auto-resizing mode off
  • fixed window overlapping with hidden panels in layout host
  • deleting a playlist attempts to activate another playlist
  • fixed keyboard conextmenu key did not work in layout tree in prefs
  • fixed playlist switcher panel used wrong default colour for selected text
  • fixed importing an fcs file made with 0.1.2 did not 'use global variables for display' correctly.
  • fixed orientation drop down on common controls 5
  • fixed size limit problems with splitters
  • fixed wrong colour on "active item frame" colour patch in prefs
  • fixed toggling "shift + lmb.." changed playlist switch panel formatting string
  • other fixes

pre-alpha 10

Released 2005.05.23

  • added full config for colours in "colours and fonts" page for default playlist view
  • all colours default to system values
  • changed spelling from uk engligh to us
  • added $set_style function in colour string, to replace existing colour string syntax when fully implemented
  • added confirmation dialog when you delete a playlist through delete key on keyboard (and removed option from prefs)
  • fixed opening and closing a popup window didnt restore focus to previously focused window
  • changes to playlist switcher panel colours correctly applied when apply pressed

pre-alpha 9

private release

  • size limits obeyed for child splitters
  • max size limits enforced on extension in layout host
  • fixed clipped config pages
  • minor changes to config
  • fixed status text control was broken in layout host
  • fixed no status bar descriptions for context menu items in default playlist view, playlist switcher.
  • changed default fonts
  • updated to a25 sdk

pre-alpha 8

private release

  • killed some options from prefs
  • fixed:
    • Default paths for menu item actin lists in prefs is missing (regression from updating to 0.9)
    • “Action to perform when double clicking..” on playlist view tab is initially blank on clean install
    • Removing and reinserting the playback order dropdown results in it using the System font.
  • host caption uses COLOR_3DFACE as oposed to COLOR_MENUBAR on winxp with themes off

pre-alpha 7

private release

  • further config clean-up
  • prevented windows being overlapped in some instances (but not all). proper fix to come when size limits fixed for child splitters.

pre-alpha 6

private release

  • updated for alpha 23
  • activated experimental autohide (for splitters only ATM)
  • some more prefs changes

pre-alpha 5

private release

  • status bar displays "loading track..." when file is being opened
  • fixed a caching bug when playlists reordered
  • fixed toggling columns from header context menu
  • fixed show caption from panel in layout area's context menu
  • fixed resizing in splitters at >1 depth
  • <del>made auto hide for splitters half-work</del> prob wont be finished in time for release
  • serveral other bug fixes/changes

pre-alpha 4

private release

  • fixed some bugs in prefs with 120DPI display
  • some initial reorganising of prefs
  • updated for 0.9 alpha 21

pre-alpha 3

private release

  • fixed show caption in layout prefs
  • some other clean-ups to layout config page
  • implemented configure button in prefs page
  • fixed left/right keys in playback order drop down
  • ui extension api changes (should be ready for an initial release)
  • implemented generic host for vis extensions
  • make standard spectrum analyser a vis extension
  • fixed show caption/locked changes from layout ui weren't saved
  • fixed changing show caption from ui didnt check obeying minimum heights etc.
  • ui does not redraw when rebuilding layout
  • fixed extension instance data not saved correctly on shutdown
  • other bug fixes
  • autosize no longer default mode again
  • updated 0.9 alpah 20

pre-alpha 2

private release

  • Changed string for default title column
  • Fixed bug where toggling enable sidebar, show status bar, and show toolbars from preferences did not take immediate effect.
  • Fixed bug where nth (n>0) instance of playlist switcher had items with 1px height.
  • Fixed a selection bug where up/down keys had no effect if first/last item on playlist was focused but not selected

pre-alpha 1

private release

Bug fixes

  • Toggling spectrum analyser bars mode sometimes required you to toggle mode twice to take effect
  • Tabs in Columns UI preferences did not have correct background under XP themes when Columns UI is not active UI
  • libpng linked to different CRT than msvcrt.dll would cause a crash on playback buttons toolbar creation when using PNG buttons

Other changes

  • The Columns UI playlist view is now a multiple instance UI Extension
  • Configurable layout for main UI area
  • Some cached config vars are now written/updated correctly when you e.g. Save All in preferences
  • Display cache is persistant across multiple playlists
  • Sorted column state remembered across playlist switchs
  • Configurable playlist tabs font
  • Whether selection frame is above or below text is now configurable
  • Caches compiled versions of titleformatting scripts
  • Re-coded speed test
  • Updated to UI Extension API 6.0
  • Compiled with MSVC 7.1 toolkit
  • Updated to 0.9 alpah 19 SDK
  • Playlist view no longer uses BeginPaint/EndPaint in WM_PAINT handler
  • Global variables now use new functions $set_global(var, val) and $get_global(var). (Former in global string, latter in other strings).



Released 2004.12.28

  • focus is restored to correct window after clicking on a menu item
  • mouse wheel now scrolls correct window when turning mouse whell in non-client area (e.g. scrollbar)
  • added option to disable delete key in playlist switcher panel
  • added vis bars mode


Released 2004.12.23

  • On XP, panel title backgrounds are drawn using uxtheme as the rebar background. The background colour of the sidebar is now COLOR_BTNFACE on all OSs.
  • Fixed aforementioned tooltip bug in playlist, playlist switcher panel


Released 2004.12.08

  • The focused window should be remembered when you focus foobar again

  • The vis was fixed up

  • Alt etc. keys will work when you have a menu in the sidebar

  • Fixed visibility etc. stuff in sidebar, they where broken in beta 4. So now e.g. for the playlistfind panel going to components/playlistfind/find in playlist will show the panel/sidebar if necessary (doesnt work if you use autohide though)

beta 4

Released 2004.11.25

  • Sidebar: Invalid description was displayed for panel menu entries in host menu

  • Playlist view: Changing font, or changing its size through menu items resulted in messed up vertical scrollbar

  • Misc: Changed format of import/export command line commands

  • Misc: Fixed console output of "Info" command in preferences when cannot find libpng/zlib

  • Misc: Rearranged some prefs

  • Menubar: Fixed common controls version 5.81 compatibility

  • API: Implemented new version of UI Extension api

  • Playlists panel: Tab characters are no longer used to indicate right aligned text in playlist switcher panel (was broken, and fixing it would cause mess probably)

  • Other minor fixes

beta 3

Released 2004.11.08

  • toolbars are added where you right click
  • toolbars widths are remembered next time you add them
  • you can hold shift when inserting a toolbar to force a new instance
  • fixed bug in speed test, added total time to speed test
  • other fixes/changes

beta 2

Released 2004.10.30

  • fixed sidebar hide delay
  • pressing delete in playlist switcher panel now deletes the selected (i.e. active) playlist
  • autoscroll no longer conflicts with middle clickaction in playlist switcher panel
  • added option to choose middle click in playlist action
  • minor fix for tooltips in playlist switcher panel
  • hopefully fixed sidebar panel resizing bugs

beta 1

Released 2004.10.23

  • mousewheel scrolls window underneath cursor
  • png loader sets PNG_TRANSFORM_PACKING, PNG_TRANSFORM_EXPAND and PNG_TRANSFORM_SHIFT flags as suggestted by kode54
  • fixed transparency & 32 bpp pngs when desktop is set to <32 bpp, or you were using my laptop
  • png loader now attempts to load libpng13.dll first
  • tab key stops at playlist tabs
  • other bugfixes

alpha 5

Released 2004.10.20

  • sidebar panel captions are now optional, default to off for toolbars
  • added SHIFT, CTRL modifier key for adding panels to sidebar, as described above
  • ui_drop_item_callback now supported
  • added simple commandline support for importing/exporting fcs files, so you can associate them if you want. see foobar2000 /columnsui:help for details.
  • added option to disable drawing of playback button backgrounds and remove the padding around the bitmaps (requires restart of foobar, buttons are still indented on mousedown since there isn't any other mouse down effect used)
  • modifed appearance of sidebar panel captions
  • added custom sidebar auto hide show/hide delay settings
  • speed test now tests all formatting strings & columns
  • fixed vis colour chooser
  • added option to remove underscores for dropped playlists
  • added option for action when doubleclicking on empty space on playlist
  • not registered as a dialog with the dialog manager anymore; fixes "IDOK"/default push button stuff for ui_extensions that are dialogs (was using bad workaround before), and used another work around for the broken tabbing that results as a result of not using dialog manager...
  • fixed old columns auto-sizing bug
  • info button in prefs detects libpng & zlib
  • added option to use titleformatting with playlist switcher panel
  • fixed some bugs in playlist switcher drawing code
  • changed wm_mousewheel handler, should scroll properly for pages now
  • added annoying warning to "List all toolbars"

alpha 4

Released 2004.09.25

  • fixed bug in painting menu, button toolbar backgrounds

  • fixed escape in menubar

  • fixed "edit this column"

  • added sidebar panel captionbars

  • implement revised ui_extension api

  • ui is now tabable

  • changed sidebar add panel behaviour

alpha 3

Released 2004.09.01

  • fixed sending useless messages to seekbar again
  • fixed status bar action dropdown on win2k
  • fixed playlist switcher colour options do not update properly on apply
  • fixed inaccurate clipped text detection in playlist switcher panel
  • changed panel resizing behaviour
  • fixed status bar drawing bug
  • fixed status bar part sizing bug
  • fixed status bar repainting bug
  • fixed sidebar autohide a bit
  • fixed: when rebar was above sidebar in z-order, when rebar height changed, sidebar panels were not repainted properly
  • fixed - toggling "show header" did not make it appear again until window resized
  • fixed vis, playlist switcher panel edge, playlist switcher item height settings
  • added option to not show sort arrows in playlist
  • added more menu items
  • fixed "selected tracks length" when items added to playlist already selected
  • fixed playlist painting bug when scrolling to bottom of playlist and sizing downwards

alpha 2

Released 2004.08.27

  • fixed panel resizing
  • fixed navigation keys when no focus on playlist
  • fixed double clicking on sidebar separator
  • status bar can now be hidden
  • added optinal left/top/right/bottom frame colours to colour string
  • added "add to new playlist" on playlists list panel drag & drop context menu
  • changed colour string parsing code to accomodate the above colours as optional; strings that output in bad format may be broken as a result
  • added auto-hide (mouse) for sidebar; does not work properly yet (may be removed if it proves too much hassle to fix)
  • made some changes to ui extension api; broke compatibility so update other panels as well

alpha 1

Released 2004.08.25

  • bugfix: some toolbar windows where not destroyed when the toolbar was removed, but recreated later
  • several other various bug fixes
  • implemented new sidebar, rewrote rebar code
  • use proposed ui_extension api for sidebar, toolbars
  • added tooltips support for playlist switcher ui
  • toolbars can be completely hidden (useful without xp themes)



Released 2004.07.06

  • Fixed a selection bug
  • Fixed the seekbar timer bug from beta 10
  • Fixed shift+lmb to delete playlists

beta 10

  • Bug fixes

beta 9

  • Bug fixes

beta 8

  • Bug fixes

beta 7

  • Bug fixes

beta 6

  • Bug fixes

beta 5

  • Bug fixes

beta 4

  • Bug fixes

beta 3

  • Bug fixes

beta 2

  • Bug fixes

beta 1

Released 2004.05.31

  • lower memory usage
  • tabbed preferences
  • playlist sidebar matches appearance of playlist
  • more customisable colours for sidebar
  • option for multiline tabs
  • shift+lmb to delete playlists
  • bunch of things to generate better names for playlists when files dropped on sidebar/tabs (from dir name, playlist, or formatting string)
  • delay for autoswitch option
  • menu descriptions for all menus (was only main menu before)
  • customisable action for double clicking on status bar
  • increase/decrease font shortcuts
  • fifth colour in colour string - colour for selected items when focus is not on playlist window
  • day/week/year in playlist
  • upnorth's single-click-to-toggle-sidebar-at-left-edge-of-screen
  • mouseover custom toolbar images, put them in the same bmp to the right of existing buttons
  • customisable editor font, preview to console, colour code picker
  • option to map colour codes for global variables
  • numerous bug fixes (inc. the systray bug, balloon tip + dynamic bitrate, reseting colour codes, ellipsis etc.)



Released 2004.05.10

  • Bug fixes


Released 2004.05.05

  • Fixed item height setting
  • Fixed menus on multi-monitor displays


Released 2004.04.27

  • fixed minor bug when menu button partially off the left off the screen, menu would appear in strange place
  • fixed weird delay when scroll playlist horiz using mouse wheel
  • fixed column reordering + cancel
  • header correctly sized when scrollbar shown/hidden
  • fixed some font handles were being unneccessarily created
  • fixed some bug in playlist painting; probably sometimes caused more to be painted than neccessary
  • fixed you could see playlist scrolling to focused item on startup
  • the import/export option includes the status bar font now
  • more error checking when importing
  • fixed dynamic titles on systray
  • other minor fixes


Released 2004.04.16

  • shift + drag on seekbar
  • fixed: header alignment on sorted columns
  • insert + copy buttons
  • added rearrangement of columns from the header
  • fixed '&' characters in tabs
  • ctrl + a on column config
  • tray icon recreated when explorer restarts
  • rebar remenbers previous positions of toolbars
  • when importing config, auto-sizing takes effect without restart
  • made tabs look better in some circumstances
  • on first startup, the window is not hidden
  • fixed minor repainting bug with the header
  • fixed minor bug when remember window positions is disabled
  • changed some systray behaviour
  • random fixes


Released 2004.04.07

  • "Enable double clicking to rename playlists" works when "Enable middle/double clicking to add playlists" is not enabled.
  • fixed minor bug where focus was taken away from foobar on startup temporarily
  • fixed playback buttons padding on right
  • added tooltips on playback buttons
  • menu dsecriptions on status bar
  • fixed resizing hidden playlist sidebar
  • consistent sizing of total length of selected tracks on status bar
  • return of ctrl-click, death of alt-click
  • option for alternate playlist selections model, which is more like standard ui / original columns ui behaviour
  • sort sel only option only effective when when selection is greater than 1
  • header context menu rearranged a bit
  • renaming active playlist correctly updates shown columns
  • seekbar improvements: increased accuracy; can press escape to cancel seek
  • in tabs/sidebar, playlist keyboard shortcuts no longer executed

beta 8

Released 28.03.2004

  • fixed colour codes bug with multibyte chars
  • fixed resizing columns in non-autoresizing mode

beta 7

Released 27.03.2004

  • sorting (by column) now has a "memory" of items previous location in playlist (i.e. so you can combine sorts, e.g. click title column then artist column will get you an artist - title sort)
  • tidied up prefs a bit
  • option to rename playlists by double clicking on them
  • some fixes in playlist sidebar
  • fixed some problem exhibited with themes and/or xp sp2
  • can no longer resize columns in auto sizing mode
  • status bar is correctly set above other controls; i.e. no sillyness when window sized small
  • on startup, playlist should not visibily appear before everything else anymore
  • can hide/show individual columns (easy access in header context menu)
  • ctrl click for multiple selections
  • when importing, relevant parts of ui are updated (background colours etc.)
  • changed fcs file format slightly, so i dont have to break backwards compatibility in the future
  • can double click on plist divider to hide/show it
  • can use old global string behaviour if want (is simpler with colour codes, but is far slower)
  • window title is only updated when actually changes (avoids problem when mouse over close etc. butttons, at least here)

beta 6

Released 15.03.2004

  • fix ellipsis + colour codes
  • fixed wrong tooltips when playlist horizontally displaced
  • fix toggling playlists autohide setting + tabs
  • maximised state is correctly restored after closing foobar whilst minimised
  • fixed status bar font colour
  • fix horizontal scrollbar when switch playlist
  • fixed toggling no horizontal scrollbar mode setting if h scrollbar is visible
  • fixed sorting - colour codes, non latin (?) characters (é í ó ú á etc.)
  • numerous other bug fixes
  • scrolling horizontally with mouse wheel moves in slightly bigger steps
  • ctrl + mouse wheel scrolls horizontally
  • ctrl + lmb drag does drag & drop; old ctrl + lmb click behaviour moved to ALT-click
  • can remove total length of selected tracks from status bar
  • some sorting selection only stuff
  • middle clicking stuff works in the playlist sidebar
  • items are highlighted when you drop then on foobar
  • option to not have mouse over effect on column titles (as a result you cant click them, though)
  • extra padding on left side of status bar
  • standard/system vis colours are in choose colour dialogue
  • can select vis border
  • separate playlist sidecar + playlist item height settings
  • redesigned columns prefs page
  • toggling columns title header no longer requires restart
  • can set no. decimal places in selected tracks length
  • can double click in tabs/ playlist sidecar to add playlists
  • replaced global string with global variables.
  • improved "no horizontal scrolling" mode

beta 5

Released 03.03.2004

  • fixed spacing in front of toolbars
  • option"show ellipsis.." uses ellipsis char
  • ellipsis is placed at preceeding character that is not a space or full stop/period
  • "use custom buttons" bitmap can be of any size now, and buttons will be accordingly sized
  • global string is combined with colour string again
  • option to scroll horizontally with mouse wheel when no vertical scrollbar
  • improved alt-key menu accessibility/behaviour
  • fixed keyboard shortcuts executed twice when tabs focused
  • fixed playlist list shows wrong selection when reorder playlists from elsewhere
  • some playlist keyboard shortcuts (up/dwn/pgup etc.) fixes
  • when playing non-seekable track (e.g. stream), seekbar is correctly disabled
  • some minor fixes to drag + drop
  • cancel menu displayed when items dropped on with right button
  • fixed some other minor things

beta 4

Released 28.02.2004

  • tabs/playlists auto hide (needs enabling)
  • can drag tabs/playlists around (needs enabling)
  • changed menu style
  • can no longer loose the playlist by dragging playlist list too far
  • show global shortcuts in systray menu
  • ctrl rclick in playlist maintains selection like in std ui
  • rclick statusbar shows now playing menu like std ui
  • playlist filters support wildcards thanks to new 0.8 helpers
  • toolbars/rebar no longer destroyed when just changing its config
  • shift+ctrl works with pgup/down/hme/end
  • balloon tip shortcut
  • other minor fixes

beta 3

Released 17.02.2004

  • fixed some annoying selection bugs
  • fixed ping on ALT * shortcuts (thanks kode54)

beta 2

Released 17.02.2004

  • fix aforementioned crash bug when drag items to left & tooltips enabled
  • changed selection behaviours (shift click, ctrl click, pg up/pg down/home/end, shift up/down/pg up/pg down/home/end, ctrl pg up/down /home/end)
  • made menu shorter
  • removed spacing under toolbars
  • menu "single click" thing works
  • added options to hide volume/keyboard shortcuts/now playing menu
  • reduced number of options that need restart to work
  • fixed descending sort
  • fixed scroll position when minimised
  • fix separator shown in context menu when no menu entries in playlist/selection
  • right aligned columns have padding like left aligned ones
  • listbox playlist switcher is now reizable
  • alternative playlist border, same options for listbox playlist switcher
  • made drag + drop on listbox pl switcher like the tabs
  • other minor changes/fixes

beta 1

Released 11.02.2004

  • selection menu items in playlist context menu
  • now playing context menu items in systray context menu
  • fixed cannot delete active tab/playlist
  • in tabs contextmenu, fixed "Load playlist", added "Save all playlists"
  • extra space between playlist & statusbar should be fixed now also some statusbar sizing bugs causing wierdness when resizing
  • fixed resource leak in main menu, also improved menu behaviour slightly
  • fixed some other min/max related bugs
  • minimium size of window is now set
  • can use playlist as source for drag & drop operations via rightmouse button (no context menu as yet)
  • use new 0.8 functions to process dropped files so can drop .urls etc now
  • some improvements to rebar (set some minumim widths/heights, made playback buttons slightly smaller)
  • fixed inaccuracy in seekbar
  • double clicking the volume/selected tracks time does the same actios as in standard ui.
  • option to switch playlist when dragging items over its tab
  • when items dropped over a tab, they are added to that playlist

alpha 9

Released 08.02.2004

  • support left/right/centre alignment for columns
  • support playlist "filters" for columns
  • some internal changes & fixes, and slightly less memory usage
  • updated to 0.8 sdk, added some related features
  • global colour string, with option to use individual string for each column
  • changed colour of toolbar buttons; can also now also set your own bitmap for it
  • added import/export tools
  • fixed colour codes shown in tooltips
  • "global" string also used when sorting.
  • added some options from standard ui.

alpha 8

Released 01.02.2004

  • changed selection behaviour
  • improved seekbar, can grip from anywhere, added tooltip
  • added tooltips support (on very old operating systems e.g. original win95 they wont be vertically centre aligned)
  • clicking on columns remmbers asc/desc sort, and puts arrows on column (on below xp they are just some triangles i drew, on xp & above they come from visual theme or somewhere)
  • added horizontal scrollbarless mode, use widths in prefs as ratios. (resizing columns from ui wont work in this mode.)
  • fixed crash when item height becomes zero
  • fixed removing plaback buttons
  • fixed renaming playlist in tabs
  • fixed blurred tray icon, tray icon resource leak (thanks kode54)
  • fixed vertical scrollbar redrawing bug in prveious version

alpha 7

Released 29.01.2004

  • fix turnng off toolbar buttons
  • handle mouse wheel turning
  • fix rendering when scrolling
  • fix total time count
  • some more options for fonts/ colours

alpha 6

Released 28.01.2004

  • can move mouse between menus, sort of
  • seekbar seeks to where you click, no instant seeking
  • show ellipsis when text cropped
  • global string for $puts
  • balloon tips
  • fixed redraw problems with rebar when moving things around
  • buttons toolbar
  • separated prefs into two pages
  • other minor things

alpha 5

Released 26.01.2004

  • fixed files added via drag & drop sent in ansi encoding not utf8
  • minimised flickering of tabs playlist switcher, status bar when resizing
  • double clicking columns divider now takes account of any colour codes in your formatting strings
  • changed way columns are sorted when clicking on them
  • added context menu for header with descending sort option
  • added optional middle clicking for tabs
  • fixed item height setting set to 0 when entering prefs
  • fixed some mouse selection behaviours
  • playback order dropdown minimun width set to width of widest name
  • some improvements to rebar

alpha 4

Released 25.01.2004

  • fixed playback order drop down
  • fixed scrollbar not redrawn on "ensure visible"
  • fixed incorrect positioning of controls
  • fixed systray menu not destroyed when click out of it
  • added alternative playlist switcher using tabs

alpha 3

Released 24.01.2004

  • mouse movements captured outside of playlist (i.e. scrolls when mouse below/above playlist area)
  • more keyboard actions added (enter, shift/ctrl modifiers)
  • fixed width of columns not saved from prefs
  • added provisional drag & drop support
  • added separate config for status bar font
  • ensure visible focuses items in the centre of playlist
  • playlist renamer

alpha 2

Released 24.01.2004

  • fixed crash w/ new columns
  • improved keyboard navigation of playlist (added home/end/pg up/page down/alt-up/alt-down/space actions & fixed up/down keys; also removed jerkyness/corruptions when scrolling past top/bottom of playlist area using up/down keys)
  • fixed scrolling too far past end of playlist
  • corrected font of playback order dropdown

alpha 1

Released 21.01.2004

  • first version :-)