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@reupen reupen released this Jul 25, 2018 · 338 commits to master since this release

Upgrade notes

Removal of support for Windows XP and Vista

Windows XP and Vista are no longer supported:

  • it is increasingly difficult and time-consuming to test on these operating systems (in addition to other supported versions)
  • newer APIs that the component uses are not compatible with older operating systems (or in the case of some Visual C++ run-time library features, appear to work but misbehave in unexpected ways)

If you're using one of those operating systems, you should stick with version 0.5.1 (or upgrade to a newer operating system).

Removal of Columns playlist

When NG playlist was introduced over 10 years ago, the intention was always that it would replace Columns playlist. As NG playlist has superseded Columns playlist for some time, Columns playlist has now been removed. On upgrade, any Columns playlist instances in your layout will be replaced by NG playlist (now simply named playlist view).

This also means that the legacy syntax for style and global scripts (that do not use $set_style() and $set_global()) will no longer work. (The legacy syntax was replaced by the newer function-based syntax around 13 years ago.)

If you're currently using Columns playlist and aren't sure if you're using legacy syntax for those scripts, you can (using your current Columns UI version) disable the 'Enable legacy support for globals (Columns playlist only)' option in Preferences (under Columns UI/Playlist view/Globals), or switch to NG playlist, to see what effect they have on the appearance of your playlist view.

Further information on the current syntax for global variables usage and style scripts can be found via these links:

If you're a current Columns playlist user, you may also want to keep a backup of your Columns UI configuration file before upgrading (in case you decide to downgrade to the latest stable version and revert to Columns playlist). You can locate the configuration file by starting foobar2000 and then holding Shift and clicking on 'File/Browse configuration folder' from the main menu. The configuration file should then be foo_ui_columns.dll.cfg in the configuration sub-folder. You should close foobar2000 before backing it up or restoring it.


Playlist view

  • Removed the Columns playlist. On upgrade, any Columns playlist instances in layout presets will be replaced with NG playlist (now simply named playlist view). [#103, #114]

  • Slightly faster playlist grouping and sorting performance on multi-core PCs.

  • Right-clicking in empty space in the playlist view now correctly deselects all items and always displays a context menu. [#75]

  • Added a main menu command to toggle whether playlist groups are shown. (Additionally, if the menu item is added as button, the button will become pressed when the 'Show groups' is turned on.) [#100, #112]

  • Made system date title formatting fields always available and removed the associated option. [#123]

Filter panel

  • Significantly faster Filter panel performance on multi-core PCs. With a quad-core Intel Core-i7 6700K, initialisation time is just under half of what it was under 0.5.1 for a medium- to large-sized library.

Live layout editing

  • Added copy and paste context menu commands during live layout editing. [#121]


  • Refreshed the appearance of all preference pages. [#84, #85, #86, #87, #92, #93, #94, #95, #118]

  • Made panel copying and pasting in Layout preferences use the Windows clipboard. [#97]

  • Fixed a bug where pressing Enter or Return while editing a playlist grouping script would close the dialog box. [#48]

  • Updated the style and global script help commands to open web-based documentation. [#117]

Notification area

  • Added the ability to close foobar2000 to the notification area. [Contributed by tuxzz, #56]

Item details panel

  • Made the Item details panel load full metadata (including large fields such as lyrics) for selected items. (Note: full metadata for playing tracks is dependent on the input component.) [#68]


  • Added an output device toolbar (for foobar2000 1.4 and newer only). [#105]

  • Added a ReplayGain source mode toolbar (for foobar2000 1.4 and newer only). [#106, #116]

  • Added a DSP preset toolbar (for foobar2000 1.4 and newer only). [#115, #116]

  • Added a live layout editing button to the default buttons toolbar configuration. [#99]

  • Fixed a bug in the buttons toolbar where clicking on a context menu item button configured to use the 'Active selection' item group, with selection viewers set to prefer the playing track, would not have an effect if a track was playing. Now, the button will operate on the current selection as expected.

  • Corrected the display of the names of dynamic context menu items in buttons toolbar options. [#111]

  • Corrected the scale used in the volume bar so that -10 dB is at the 50% mark, -20 dB at the 25% mark etc. [#109]

Status pane

  • Corrected the status pane playback status when resume playback on start-up is enabled and foobar2000 is started when playback was previously paused.

  • Corrected the colour of text in the status pane when using high-contrast Windows themes. [Contributed by MAxonn, #59]

Configuration importing and exporting

  • Removed the ability to import FCS files.

  • Changed the syntax of CLI commands for importing configurations from FCL files. The commands now use the following syntax: /columnsui:import <path> and /columnsui:import-quiet <path>. [#47]

  • Added CLI commands for exporting the current configuration to an FCL file. The added commands are /columnsui:export <path> and /columnsui:export-quiet <path>. [#47]


  • The value of the 'Allow resizing of locked panels' setting is now available to other components. [#53]

  • Added a reliable mechanism for third-party splitter panels to store extra configuration data for child panels that persists through panel copy-and-paste operations. [#52]

Other changes

  • Added compatibility with Windows 10 system media transport controls under foobar2000 1.4. [#101]

  • Some minor changes to labels and layout in various dialogs.

  • Updated standalone dialogs to use the Segoe UI font. [#125]

  • Corrected the icons used in some dialogs. [#8]

  • The component is no longer compatible with Windows XP and Vista. Users of those operating systems are advised to stick with version 0.5.1.

  • Miscellaneous internal code refactoring.

  • Compiled with the foobar2000 1.4 SDK.

  • Compiled with Visual Studio 2017 15.7.


Downloads are available from

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