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@reupen reupen released this Jan 14, 2020 · 5 commits to master since this release



  • The artwork source settings in Columns UI were removed and now only the settings on the main Display preferences page are used.

    If Columns UI artwork source settings were in use, you will be prompted to transfer your settings on upgrade. [#286]

  • The playlist view ‘Low artwork reader thread priority’ setting was removed; a low thread priority is now always used. [#270]

  • The ability to display tooltips for non-truncated text in the playlist view was removed. [#272]


  • The Windows Imaging Component is now used to load button images, and artwork in the artwork panel and playlist view.

    On recent versions of Windows 10, this adds support for WebP and HEIF images if the required codecs are installed. These are usually installed automatically, but can also be manually installed from the Microsoft Store:

    On older versions of Windows and on Wine, the Google WebP codec can be installed for WebP support.

    Note: Currently, when configuring artwork sources in Display preferences, the .webp or .heif file extension must be explicitly specified for WebP or HEIF files to be loaded. (Using .* for the file extension will not load WebP or HEIF files.) [#276]

Internal changes

  • The component is now compiled using foobar2000 SDK 2019-12-27. [#271, #285]


Downloads are available from

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