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iPod manager for foobar2000 changelog


  • Fixed a possible 'Unsupported file format' error on iOS 4 devices when playlists have been modified on the device
  • Added support for playlist changes made on the device on iOS 4 devices
  • Compiled with Visual Studio 2019 16.4
  • Updated to foobar2000 SDK 2019-12-27


  • Added play count, skip count, last played and last skipped columns to Manage contents
  • Attempted to improve reliability when used with some shuffle 4G models
  • Added support for playlist changes made on the device on the nano 7G
  • Compiled with Visual Studio 2017 15.9
  • Updated to foobar2000 SDK 2018-03-06


  • Added support for iPod nano 7G software versions later than 1.0.2
  • Added identification of iPod nano 7G and later iPod shuffle 4G models
  • Updated iTunesDB file format
  • Fixed corruption of smart playlists with nested rules
  • Fixed various clipped labels in preferences and other dialog boxes
  • Reorganised conversion preferences and clarified some setting labels
  • Improved handling of file name conflicts when adding files to a device
  • Added the ability to refresh the window in File System Explorer by pressing F5
  • Disabled support for iOS device sync pause/cancel requests due to instability caused
  • Compiled with Visual Studio 2017 15.3
  • Compiled with latest foobar2000 SDK (foobar2000 1.3+ now required)
  • Dropped official support for Windows XP and Vista


  • Added support for iOS device sync pause/cancel requests
  • Fixed: Files downloaded in-device should no longer generate errors during a sync
  • Fixed: Compatibility with iTunes 10.5 beta 2

  • Added option to apply ReplayGain gain during conversions

  • Fixed regression in podcasts on iOS devices may have not been grouped correctly

  • Worked around a bug in Apple libraries used for mobile device support which sometimes caused a crash on immediate exit after starting foobar2000

  • Fixed compatibility with devices with an anomalous USB serial number (only one seen)

  • Database format updates
  • Fixed: artwork was not displayed on some devices since
  • Added "Verify settings" command in conversion options
  • Added advanced preferences setting to change the folder used for temporary files during file conversions
  • Misc changes/fixes

  • Further increased JPEG compression quality parameter for JPEG artwork formats (so far these are only on iPads)
  • Fixed: MP3 lyrics support was broken under foobar2000 1.1.6
  • Format conversion improvements:
    • Improved settings page with encoder profiles (LAME MP3, Nero AAC and ffmpeg Apple Lossless out-of-the-box)
    • Added support for 32 bps encoder input
    • Added support for automatic 5.1 channel down-mixing to stereo

  • Allowed connection to iOS devices when a respective USB device cannot be found (fixes compatibility with some wireless sync apps that patch Apple Mobile Device Support)
  • Fixed artwork scaling for some iPad artwork formats
  • Increased JPEG compression quality parameter for JPEG artwork formats (so far these are only on iPads)
  • Added support for MP4 Apple podcast chapters
  • Fixed issues with podcasts downloaded in-device on iOS devices
  • Fixed audiobook/podcast playback positions were lost on iOS 4.3 devices
  • Fixed: The date of podcasts transferred by the component were usually a day out
  • Fixed: "Updating library..." on iOS 4.3 devices may have taken longer than normal
  • Allowed use of external/hooked metadata fields in metadata remappings
  • Miscellaneous fixes/changes


  • Updated SQLite library
  • Added recognition of new models

  • Bug fixes

  • Improvements to progress dialogs
  • Database format updates
  • Excluded books from sync operations
  • Added discnumber and tracknumber to podcast sort criteria (only affects some devices)
  • Misc changes

  • Fixed a bug introduced in which could result in a deadlock during write commands

  • Shuffle 3G VoiceOver support should now respect the setting to enable it in the device settings in iTunes
  • Support for iPod nano 6G (requires updated iPhoneCalc.dll)
  • Fixed syncing with iOS 4 devices if attempted when the device is playing music
  • Improved SQLite database writing speed
  • Misc fixes / changes

  • Support for iPhone 4 / iPod touch 4G / iPad (requires iPhoneCalc.dll)

  • Improved artwork compatibility with recent/future devices

  • Added option to forcibly sort playlists (enabled by default, only affects some models)
  • Added support for setting date released field (uses RELEASE DATE or DATE as the source)
  • Bug fixes

  • Attempt to work around iOS 4 issue during artwork updates

  • Compatibility with iOS 4 for iPod touch second and third generation, iPhone 3G and 3GS
  • iOS device support requires Apple Mobile Device Support and Apple Application Support from iTunes 9.1 or newer.


  • Now uses Microsoft Media Foundation for video thumbnails on Windows 7 (on Vista it will attempt to use it, falling back to DirectShow)
  • Changes to sparse artwork implementation

  • Added VoiceOver support for iPod shuffle 3G (currently forced on).
  • Various bug fixes
  • M4V files should no longer be removed during a sync
  • Fixed an issue relating to the order of playlists when displayed in foobar2000

  • Improved mobile device detection mechanism

  • Fixed broken compatibility with older devices in

  • Fixes for read-only iPad support

  • Database format updates

  • Further fix for iTunes 9.1 iPhone/iPod touch compatibility

  • Restored compatibility with iTunes 9.0 for iPhone/iPod touch

  • Fixed compatibility with iTunes 9.1 for iPhone/iPod touch

  • Improved support for content ratings
  • Added support for sending tracks as podcasts (set either ''MEDIA KIND'' or ''GENRE'' to Podcast)


  • Fixed: Files with a leading space in their name could not be played on some devices
  • Worked around other apparent malformed XML issues in property lists

  • Rewrote code that interacts with Apple mobile device related libraries
  • Fixed compatibility with older iPod models connected over firewire (broken in
  • Made use of sort order (*SORTORDER) metadata fields opt-in
  • Misc changes

  • Worked around a problem where some Nano 5G property lists had non-Base64 encoded data in a <data> tag, which prevented syncing such devices

  • Reduced memory usage when writing the iPod database (better performance in low RAM, large database scenarios)

  • Some podcast related bug fixes on iPhone/iPod touch devices
  • Added file system explorer, allows you to browse the device file system and copy files from the device
  • Added remappings for sort fields

  • SoundCheck support for newer iPod shuffle models
  • Some bug fixes for iPod shuffle 3G
  • When the device properties cannot be retrieved (i.e. XP non-admin) write operations are now disabled
  • Improved the properties displayed for iPod touch/iPhone
  • Improved behaviour when playing tracks in foobar2000 on an iPod touch/iPhone shortly after foobar2000 startup (i.e. from 'Resume playback after restart')
  • Added support for foobar2000 1.0 artwork sources
  • Improvements to metadata caching mechanisms
  • Bug fixes / misc changes

  • Fixed crash using context menu sync command

  • Removed dependencies on MobileDeviceSign/zlib libraries
  • Added support for the playlist field in the smart playlist editor
  • Fixed: Recover orphaned files causes issues where the case of file paths in the database do not match the actual case in the filesystem
  • Moved 'iPod/Video properties' to 'Tagging/iPod tag editor'
  • Added the ability to set the media type to "Audiobook" via the iPod tag editor
  • Added support for the foobar2000 1.0 context menu
  • When a remapping is used, the corresponding xxxSORTORDER field is no longer used
  • Bug fixes

  • Fixed: Rare crash on exit with iPod touch/iPhone
  • Fixed: Problem writing SQLite databases under specific circumstances (iPod touch/iPod nano 5G/iPhone)
  • Slightly faster SQLite database writing (iPod touch/iPod nano 5G/iPhone)
  • Fixed an issue grouping tracks without ALBUM fields during conversion, added better handling for blank ALBUM fields
  • Fixed some issues with relative artwork paths

  • Added a remapping for COMMENT
  • Added a workaround for lyrics field name issues for converted tracks
  • No longer allows % characters in filenames (caused issues with iPhone/iPod touch 3.x firmware)
  • Fixed: Empty smart playlists did not show up on an iPhone/iPod touch


  • Fixed an issue reading play counts/ratings/etc. from an iPod touch/iPhone. As a side effect, the 'Manage contents' window will not reflect these on an iPhone/iPod touch until the database has been rewritten.
  • Added a remapping for ALBUM ARTIST
  • Fixed an issue syncing tracks which were converted from a file format storing track/disc numbers as text to a file format storing them as integers

  • Fixed last modified time reporting on iPhone/iPod touch
  • Fixed: race condition which prevented an iPhone/iPod touch from being detected sometimes at startup
  • Fixed: iPhone/iPod touch properties could not be displayed after some idle time
  • Improvements to warnings/errors window displayed after running commands
  • Improved speed of file reading from iPod touch/iPhone
  • Bug fixes

  • Database writer bug fixes
  • Fixed: Errors writing a database to a blank Nano 5G.
  • Database sort fields are now determined when adding files or when running the update metadata command (previously: when writing the database).

  • Database writer bug fixes

  • Improved support for iPhone/iPod touch OS 3.1
  • Improved support for new iPod models (untested)

  • Fixed: SoundCheck adjustment setting couldn't be changed in
  • Fixed an issue with date fields on iPhone/iPod touch OS 3.0
  • Fixed an issue related to Podcasts on iPhone/iPod touch

  • Added support for converting files above a certain bitrate
  • Added support for setting MEDIA KIND field to "audiobook" to mark any file type as an audiobook
  • Fixed an issue importing data from iPhone/iPod touch play counts file
  • Misc. bug fixes / changes

  • Artwork for videos on iPod touch/iPhone is now correctly set
  • Tracks with a sample rate above 48kHz are now correctly converted and/or resampled
  • Some optimisations to SQLite database writer

  • Fixed: XML PlayCounts.plist files were not read
  • Various bug fixes to database writers

  • Fixed a few bugs in bplist/PlayCounts.plist reader


  • Added support for iPhone/iPod touch OS 3.0
  • Fixed crash in iPod devices window/panel with corrupted database
  • More database format updates

  • zlib library now dynamically loaded
  • iPhone 3GS now recognised (same 3.x software limitations apply)
  • Fixed some issues with coverflow artwork on iPhone/iPod touch, especially with non-square artwork
  • iTunes[C]DB format updates

  • Fixed an issue updating an iPod touch/iPhone with iTunesCDB database

  • Added support for iTunesCDB database files

  • Initial attempt at Shuffle 3G support

  • Bug fix

  • Split "add missing artwork" functionality from 'Update metadata' command into a separate 'Update artwork' command
  • Hashes are now used to track artwork changes, and 'Update artwork' now updates artwork if it has changed
  • Shortcut menu iPod commands are now only shown when relevant
  • Bug fixes

  • Some changes to the order of events when syncing so that it catches items modified by playback data synchronisation.
  • Leading A is ignored alongside The when respective option is enabled to avoid problems on iPod touch / iPhone
  • Track number / Disc number also when checking for identical tracks already with same file size / modified date / artist / album / title to avoid certain fringe cases
  • Option to Eject iPod when synchronisation has finished
  • Should now regenerate metadata cache file if it becomes corrupt

  • API updates
  • Fixes for sync'ing playback statistics from foobar2000 to the iPod
  • Fixed crash when attempting to open video properties on files that do not have any file info available (i.e. unsupported format)

  • Synchronise iPod now leaves podcasts already on the device alone
  • Fixed: iPod touch/iPhone devices were not listed under iPod devices
  • Expanded properties displayed for iPhone
  • Added "Send to playlist" shortcut menu command for items in iPod devices
  • Added count of tracks to add and remove to sync preview
  • Added option to select between track and album gain for SoundCheck value
  • Misc changes/bug fixes


  • Fixed an issue where iTunes would always recopy certain podcasts after using the component (some database format updates as a result)
  • Added support for 'Properties' on iPhone/iPod touch
  • Added drive space information to 'Properties'
  • Can now use foobar2000 artwork reader without specifying a script
  • Prefixed various console messages with "iPod manager: "

  • Fixed: Podcast played state was reset after using the component (fix untested on mobile devices)
  • Fixed: 'Bookmark' positions were not saved correctly
  • Fixed: Subtitle field was not preserved by the component
  • Fixed some inconsistencies with forward / backward slashes on mobile devices. May be some fallout as a result (bugs and possibly rereading of metadata from files on the device).
  • Fixed path length limit not being applied correctly to files sent to mobile devices.

  • Fixed an issue with not reading volume free space / capacity correctly on iPod touch / iPhone

  • Fixed an issue with adding files existing on the iPod touch / iPhone drive not working (used mainly by 'recover orphaned files')

  • Added support for iPod touch / iPhone with 2.x software.

  • Fix for artwork support on nano 4G


  • Compatibility fix for iPod nano 4G

  • Recover orphaned files creates a foobar2000 playlist with the recovered files
  • Send files will list skipped duplicates at the end of the process
  • Updated recognition of iPod models in Properties, should now work for new shuffles/nano 4g/classic 120gb.

  • Added debug commands to backup the iTunesDB and ArtworkDB database files from the iPod.
  • Improved handling of low free space on iPod conditions.

  • fixed an issue where 'ReplayGain scan converted files' did not work correctly
  • 'Update metadata on iPod' checks the file on the iPod for embedded art if the source file no longer exists.

  • fixed an issue where on-the-fly conversion may fail in some circumstances.

  • hot-fix for

  • tweaked sync behaviour on iPod touch/iPhone
  • added charging status to "Properties" on iPod classic/nano 3G
  • added popup version of devices panel.

  • hot-fix for

  • Reorganised preferences, and added help pages
  • Added support for wildcards in artwork source script, and removed the requirement to specify the file extension
  • Added a fix so that sync iPod works better on the iPod touch / iPhone for new files sent using the component
  • Fixed an issue that may have caused the component to lose info in dopdb, affecting the sync of converted files
  • Added DirectShow based video thumbnail creator
  • Fixed issue where similar entries (e.g. The Simpsons and Simpsons) would cause many entries on the iPod
  • Some clean-up of code and misc fixes

  • Fixed a bug with artwork on iPod touch/iPhone introduced in version


  • Fixed various bugs when using the "Stop" button during operations
  • Attempt to fix transparent artwork on iPod touch / iPhone in cover flow view
  • Rewrote some code


  • Added preview for "Synchronise iPod" and quiet mode to disable it
  • Ratings set with Playback Statistics component are now sent to the iPod
  • Fixed behaviour of "Synchronise iPod" when remembering playlist selections for playlists where there are multiple playlists with the same name
  • Added a fix for lyrics not displaying on the iPod after using iTunes
  • Removed "Load iPod library and playlists" command
  • Removed "Refresh iPod library metadata" command. Use the context menu command instead
  • Added "Recover orphaned tracks" command
  • Misc. fixes / changes

0.5.9.x TEST

  • Added support for ReplayGain scanning converted files (requires ReplayGain Scanner 2.0.6+)
  • Added support for creating playlist folders in 'Browse iPod'
  • Some improvements to 'Browse iPod' and 'iPod devices panel'
  • Added option to control date added source
  • Removed 'Remove playlists from iPod' command; use 'Browse/manage iPod' instead
  • The component now generates/updates smart playlist contents
  • Corrected behaviour of "Stop" button; now leaves iPod in the current state and updates the database.
  • Fixed 'sync iPod' on iPod touch/iPhone (untested)
  • Fixed behaviour when you remove tracks directly on an iPod touch / iPhone (untested)
  • Added option to set dummy gapless data for tracks that foo_dop doesn't find gapless data
  • Corrected some bugs in smart playlist editor with date fields
  • Misc changes / fixes

0.5.8.x TEST

  • Added iPod Devices Panel. Currently lists connected iPods and allows you to browse through their contents and eject them.
  • Some speed-ups to database reader.
  • Added support for multiple concurrent encodings to the converter
  • Improved converter speed when source file reading is slow (WLAN)
  • Files with MP4 extension without video content are renamed to m4a (fixes some issues on the iPod) TEST

  • Added support for foobar2000 built-in artwork reader

0.5.6.x TEST

  • Added iPod touch/iPhone support
  • Fixed a bug which caused an error when adding certain artwork image formats to the iPod
  • Transcoding is now done via a temporary file on the local computer
  • Some changes to sorting on the iPod
  • Implemented "numbers last" sorting to keep the Classic/Nano 3G/Touch/iPhone happy (can be disabled).
  • Fixed: menu actions would not work from the command line if foobar2000 wasn't already running
  • Updated iPod model detections in "View iPod Device Information"
  • Fixed some bugs with non-square artwork in version 0.5.5
  • Added video file tagger
  • Changed default encoder to Nero AAC encoder.
  • Some other improvements and bug fixes

0.5.5 TEST

  • Artwork formats are now retrieved from the iPod's XML property list (instead of being hardcoded). This will result in cropping being used in the correct places (specifically on Classic/Nano 3G) and better future compatibility. Drawback: artwork will require administrative privileges on Windows XP (Windows Vista is OK)

0.5.4 TEST

  • fixed bug with mixed up imported OTG playlists on Classic / Nano 3G
  • some fixes to sparse artwork handling on 6G/Nano 3G iPods
  • added support for gapless data from Nero MP4 (AAC) files from recent Nero encoders :-)
  • improved gapless data scanner handling of MP3 files with garbage data before first MPEG frame
  • changed the order that files sent to the iPod are added to the iPod's database
  • some improvements to progress reporting
  • added option to control sorting of iPod library playlist when using "Load library"
  • improved a specific artifact in artwork introduced by gdiplus when scaling
  • fixed some potential issues relating to duplicate handling
  • misc changes / fixes

0.5.3 TEST

  • Some bug fixes to playback data API

0.5.2 TEST

  • added compilation mapping option
  • restored 'Omit leading 'The' when sorting' option
  • added API to receive play count etc. information.
  • fixed bug reading OTG playlists

0.5.1 TEST

  • fixed non-lowercase file extension problem on iPod
  • fixed mis-reporting of iPod models in 'View iPod Device Info'
  • shortened filename length limit from 31 characters to 12 characters so Music Quiz 2 works on iPod Classics / Nano 3Gs. if you want longer filenames there is a setting on the advanced prefs page, a setting of 23 is equivalent to the limit in previous versions.

0.5.0 TEST

  • fixed playlist mix-up problem on Classic/Nano 3G (fix applies to new playlists only)

0.4.9 TEST

  • fixed crash bug on adding artwork on Nano 3G/Classic

0.4.8 TEST

  • improved artwork handling for Nano 3G and Classic (inc. artwork previews in split menus)
  • faster database writing for large databases
  • fixed non-workingness / crashing of remove playlists command when removing multiple playlists
  • better error report dialogs
  • fixed nano 3g / classic support from blank iPod

0.4.7 TEST

  • added support for iPod Classic and Nano 3G (with some known issues)
  • some UI refresh
  • misc changes / fixes
  • discontinued Windows 2000 support

0.4.6 TEST

  • added gapless support for MP4/M4A AAC files with iTunes gapless data
  • uses process exit code to detect if a transcode was successful
  • added smart playlist editor
  • some database writer changes for iTunes 7.3.1
  • removed "omit leading 'the' when sorting" option again because it is currently a big mess on (at least) iPod Videos. It may return when Apple release a new firmware that's fully supporting all of the sort fields in the database.
  • misc changes/fixes

0.4.5 TEST

  • fixed hang in 0.4.4 if no metadata cache present
  • fixed some artwork bugs in 0.4.4
  • some more changes to artwork handling

0.4.4 TEST

  • Improved speed of checking iPod library metadata cache up-to-date (not actually updating cache) by ~50%; worked around problem of re-read of all metadata when clocks change due to DST/summer time.
  • Removed I/O bottleneck in iTunesDB etc. reader/parser; iTunesDB reader/parser speed improved by ~50% to ~90% (latter achieved when Windows has cached iTunesDB file).
  • Some changes in artwork handling
  • Added options to disable adding artwork and converting files
  • Added option to automatically set gapless data for files sent to iPod
  • Added 'Update iPod library metadata' command to context menu
  • Removed 'Browse photos' command
  • Added detected of iPod model and colour to 'View iPod device information'

0.4.3 TEST

  • Added (untested) album art support for iPod Nano (1G/2G) and iPod Color/Photo (USB only)

0.4.2 TEST

  • Added album art support for iPod Videos (requires GDI+ on Windows 2000)
  • Fixed sorting on Composer menu
  • MP3 gapless scanner handles files with zero padding better
  • Sync'ing iPod no longer removes smart playlists

0.4.1 TEST

  • Fixed bug which caused foo_dop to lose entries in the dopdb database
  • Added gapless info scanner for MP3s

0.4.0 TEST

  • Fixed bug which may cause transcoded files not to play properly on the iPod
  • Remember playback position defaults to true for Movies and TV Shows
  • Added simple info editor to iPod Browser
  • Added 'Eject iPod' to menu, functions same as if ejected through 'Safely Remove Hardware' (see main page notes)
  • Some work on implementing iTunes 7.1 database format changes
  • Fixed bug which made foo_dop not read/write some of the newer track string fields
  • Re-added 'Omit leading The...' option (see main page notes)
  • Some other changes...

0.3.9 TEST

  • Removed "Use iPod sorting" option
  • Added MP4 video sending (see usage notes for more info)
  • compiled with 2007.02.04 foobar2000 SDK (may improve database writer speed and speed in general)

0.3.8 TEST

  • Fixed iPod detection on Windows Vista
  • Added limited, untested iPod Shuffle support
  • Added photo database reader, and browser for photos on your iPod
  • Fixed crash bug in Browse iPod

0.3.7 TEST

  • Detects iPods by their Device Instance ID now. iPod connections/disconnections monitored in background thread (rather than on execution of every command)
  • 'Preparation' of iPods is automatic now (for commands that add things to the iPod)
  • Refuses to acknowledge Shuffles as iPods now ;-) (since foo_dop does not work with them)
  • Sync dialog remembers names of playlists last synced, and has select all/deselect all in contextmenu. Browse dialog resizable.
  • Will now convert formats not supported by the iPod with chapters (e.g. FLAC with embedded cuesheet)

0.3.6 TEST

  • Added simple transcoder to convert unsupported file formats
  • Added 'Browse iPod' command to view iPod contents
  • Now stores a database on iPod - file dopdb in iPod_Control folder

0.3.5 TEST

  • Added lyrics support (see usage notes for more info)
  • Send playlist command now supports sending multiple playlists in one pass
  • Added remove playlists command
  • Added main menu command to sync with media library / playlists
  • Fixed sync crash bug

0.3.4 TEST

  • Added ability to send a playlist to your iPod

0.3.3 TEST

  • Added field remappings for GENRE, COMPOSER fields
  • Added "SoundCheck" adjustment feaure
  • Added simple sync feature

0.3.2 TEST

  • Added field remappings for ARTIST, TITLE, and ALBUM fields


  • Vista compatibility again

0.3.0 TEST

  • Removed unmount/mount commands
  • Added better support for iTunes 7.0 iTunesDB; preserves new database fields and writes Album Artist / Keywords
  • Changed metadata loading mechanisms for "Load library" etc.; metadata now loaded directly from files and cached in a file in the root folder of your iPod. First load of library will be slow.
  • Added "Prepare new iPod" command; generates empty iTunesDB for formatted iPod (untested)
  • Compiled with latest foobar2000 SDK (Vista compatibility)
  • Misc. fixes / foobar2000 0.9.4 compatibility fixes


  • Fixed problem with drive scanner on Windows 2000
  • Fixed problem with directory selector when sending files
  • Some improvements/fixes to iTunesDB writer
  • Other changes/fixes

0.2.8 TEST

  • Fixed some problems with sorting
  • Now "Remeber playback position" is disabled for new tracks sent using foo_dop
  • Fixed problem with date added/date modified fields in database
  • Renamed "Rewrite iPod database" to "Reload iPod library metadata from files"
  • Added "Rewrite iPod database" - just reads database, and writes it back again
  • iTunes columns data is preserved now
  • Reload library metadata preserves metadata on files that have no metadata
  • Added option to use more normal iPod style sorting
  • New drive scanner - faster than old one


  • Fixed bad sort order after send/remove file


  • Fixed rewrite library


  • Changes to writing mechanism: more robust; only keeps single backup of database now (iTunesDB.dop.backup)
  • Now can not run multiple iPod operations simulataneously
  • Play Counts file data is merged into iTunesDB on write operations and removed
  • Added descriptions for iPodService errors
  • Prevent metadata rereading from WAV files on rewrite database
  • Compiled with foobar2000 2006-06-15 SDK
  • Added Show, TV Network, Episode field reading for TV Shows (untested)
  • Added filetype checks for sending files to the iPod (file extension only currently, doesn't consider codec)
  • Other changes/fixes.

0.2.4 TEST

  • Fixed some Podcast playlist writing bugs
  • Added SUBTITLE field reading/writing (for podcasts)

0.2.3 TEST

  • Fixed a bug in playlist reader (may have caused wrong sort order / podcast playlists showing up as normal playlists after write)
  • Added reading / writing of kind/filetype

0.2.2 TEST

  • iTunes 4.9 (+) database reading/writing
  • Preserves more stuff (Chapter data, podcasts, some random fields...)
  • On-The-Go playlists preserved as normal playlists
  • Some bugs fixed


  • Changed path limit to 55 characters


  • Fixed couple bugs from 0.1.9


  • Misc fixes / changes


  • Fixed filename truncation
  • Misc fix


  • Added send files to iPod feature
  • Added remove files from iPod
  • Added Mount/Unmount iPod
  • Misc changes / fixes


  • Fixed writing RATING field


  • Added iPod database rewrite feature


  • Fixed GENRE field reading


  • Bug fix for 0.1.2


  • Added support for reading On The Go playlists


  • Fixed a bug related to playlist loading
  • Some other minor fixes


  • Initial release
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