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Function to clear all gift certificates or a specific gift certificate from being redeemed
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Cartthrob Gift Certificates - clear_gift_codes


This function works with the Cartthrob Gift Certificates add-on version 1.1. Similar to Carthrob's clear_coupon_codes function, clear_gift_codes clears all gift certificates or a specific gift certificate from being redeemed.


Well... Why not? We see there is a function to clear coupon codes, so why not add it to the gift certificates as well. So, VOILA!


  1. Copy the function from clear_gift_codes.php.
  2. Open the file mod.cartthrob_gift_certificates.php located in the cartthrob_gift_certificates folder.
  3. Paste the code before the last closing curly brace in the file mod.cartthrob_gift_certificates.php

Example ExpressionEngine markup:

Add the redeem_gift_certificate_form

Add this to a template_group and template of your choice (we placed it in the

{exp:cartthrob_gift_certificates:redeem_gift_certificate_form return="/store/cart" error_handling="inline"}
    <input type="text" name="gift_certificate_code" >
    <input type="submit" value="Redeem Gift" >

    {!-- Display errors with error_handling="inline" set --}
    {if errors_exist}

    {if "{exp:cartthrob_gift_certificates:applied}" > "$0.00"}
        <p>Gift Amount Applied: <strong>{exp:cartthrob_gift_certificates:applied}</strong></p>
            <p>{gift_certificate_code} <a href="/store/remove-gift-codes/{gift_certificate_code}">Remove</a></p>
        <a href="/store/remove-gift-codes">Remove all gift certificates</a>

Add remove-gift-codes.html file

This can be in a template group of your choice (we placed it in the When the user clicks on the link to remove the specific code, the {segment_3} variable is passed as the parameter to the function and removes only that code if it is set. If there is no code parameter set, then all codes are removed.

{exp:cartthrob_gift_certificates:clear_gift_codes return="/store/cart" code="{segment_3}"}



Specify a path to redirect the user after clearing the code(s).


Specify a code to clear. Handy when there is more than one active code.


This has only been tested with Cartthrob version 2.2.5 and Cartthrob Gift Certificates version 1.1.

Many Thanks to:

Team Reusser for their continued support!

And, to the Carthrob Development Team for their awesome products and developer documentation! Really, Thank You!

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