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A community powered COVID-19 coronavirus tracker for Japan.

The project is a single page JavaScript application running in the browser, pulling data in via a JSON file, and hosted on GitHub Pages.

Data Sources

For all information regarding the data powering this site, please visit the covid19japan-data repo.

Our data is sourced from a variety of sources, primarily Japanese news outlets like NHK, prefectural governments, and the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.


To embed an abridged version of the app, add the following to your HTML:

<script src=""></script>
<div id="covid19japan-embed"></div>

Contributing Code

If you would like to contribute features, refactor code, etc., please create or comment on an issue on this repo, and one of the core contributors listed below.

Running Dev Locally

Build Instructions

Requirements: NodeJS

Set up the environment:

npm install

Build the code continuously & serve it:

npm run start-webpack

You will now be able to access the site at http://localhost:4000/

More Commands

Build once:

npm run build

Build continuously:

npm run watch

Start Server:

npm run start


When testing your changes locally, be sure to verify both the / and /embed pages are working properly.


Localizing content

All strings in the src/ files should be localized like this:

  1. Add a key-value pair in src/i18n/en.json for your string/text
  2. For HTML: add the data-i18n="your-new-key" attribute to the HTML element to be localized (replace "your-new-key" in the example)
  3. For JavaScript: call the i18next.t("your-new-key") function to retrieve the localized string (replace "your-new-key" in the example)
  4. Add any additional translations with the same key to other files in src/i18n/

Adding new languages

To add a new language

  1. Make a copy of an existing localization file (recommended: src/i18n/en.json), name it to match the new language (e.g. ja.json).
  2. Replace the translations in the file you just created.
  3. Add the new language to the array of LANGUAGES and LANGUAGE_NAMES of src/i18n/index.js.
  4. Add the appropriate date-fns locale to the imports of src/i18n/index.js, and append that locale to the LOCALES export.

License & Code Re-use

The code for this project is released under the MIT License. You are free to re-use it but we ask that you please include a link back to the COVID-19 Japan website or this GitHub repository. We'd also be happy to include your site in the list of forked projects below – just create an issue to request it.

Forked Projects

Core Contributors