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Jupyter notebooks from my YouTube series: Python standard library video explainer
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0001 String capitalization.ipynb
0002 Centering, justifying, and expanding tabs.ipynb
0004 Stripping, removing, and replacing.ipynb
0005 str.startswith, str.endswith.ipynb
0006 str.maketrans, str.translate.ipynb
0007 str.join, str.split, str.rsplit, str.partition, str.rpartition.ipynb
0008 str.join.ipynb
0009 str.encode and bytes.decode.ipynb
0011 format.ipynb
0012 list.append, list.extend, list.insert.ipynb
0013 list.pop, list.remove, and list.clear.ipynb
0014 list.index, list.count.ipynb
0015 list.copy.ipynb
0016 list.reverse and list.sort.ipynb
0017 tuple.count and tuple.index.ipynb
0018 Range objects.ipynb
0019 Bytes .ipynb
0020 Byte array.ipynb
0021 Adding to a set.ipynb
0022 Removing items from a set.ipynb
0023 Frozen sets.ipynb
0024 Creating dicts.ipynb
0025 Adding and replacing in dicts.ipynb
0027 Retrieving from dicts with dict.get.ipynb

Python comes with the "standard library," a huge collection of modules that can help you to do your work.

What does the standard library contain? Very few people are familiar with all of it, or even a large proportion of it.

I decided that it's time for me to both learn more about the hidden gems in the standard library, and to help others learn abou tit.

I thus started a series on YouTube, the "Python standard library video explainer," in which I go through the standard library, one little bit at a time.

I'm doing the video explainer just like my courses at companies around the world, live-coding into the Jupyter notebook. I'm uploading the notebooks here for public consumption. Enjoy!

You can also look at my YouTube channel, at .



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