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One Page CPU Project - CPU, Assembler & Emulator each in a single page of code
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bcpl Add OPC8 math24.s tests, gzip traces in Makefile, BSTRING, BROL, BROR… Mar 10, 2019
common copro: correctly generate opc5ls tuberom.c file for PTD Nov 30, 2017
copro copro: tuberom version 0.54 Dec 5, 2017
cpu_and_memory_controller Refactor continues, cpu_and_memory_controller builds for all three cpus Jul 17, 2017
docs Unhide unused opcodes Mar 9, 2019
examples examples: seperate dirs for opc6/7 builds Dec 1, 2017
include BCPL: Updates for sys fns cputime + platform Dec 3, 2017
opc1 Update numbering Mar 3, 2019
opc2 add udiv32.s test and updated READMEs May 26, 2017
opc3 Add byte/word counts and better symbol table listing to older machine… Jul 29, 2017
opc5 update opc5,opc5ls assemblers with opc5asm features Aug 9, 2017
opc5ls-xp Carry same perf. bug fix back to opc5ls-xp Jul 24, 2017
opc5ls Allow \n,\r,\006 etc escaped codes in (U(B))STRING directives in OPC5… Aug 31, 2017
opc6 Misc updates to assembler and histogram utility to report stats for O… Mar 9, 2019
opc7 Misc updates to assembler and histogram utility to report stats for O… Mar 9, 2019
opc8 Extend timeout in simulation Mar 11, 2019
system system: blackice opc7: remove hole at E00-FFF Dec 1, 2017
utils gzip test traces and dumps; update histogram code to read gzipped files Mar 10, 2019
.gitignore update .gitignore Aug 9, 2017
LICENSE Create LICENSE Aug 24, 2017 Update Mar 27, 2018

OPC: One Page CPUs

Welcome to the OPC series of CPUs, where everything fits on one page - one page each for specification, emulation, HDL. For details see the OPC Project web pages.

The OPCs range from OPC1 for CPLD to OPC6 for FPGA, which has been run successfully on several FPGA dev boards. For the OPC5, OPC6 and OPC7 there's also a C model for the PiTubeDirect project, which runs on a Pi as a second processor for an Acorn BBC micro.

Unless otherwise noted, all files and the project are copyright by the contributors and licensed under the GPL. Contact us by raising an issue on GitHub or by joining in a thread on AnyCPU.

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