Making the internet a worse place, making the world a better place.
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#captcha4charity ####Making the internet a worse place, making the world a better place. ######Daniel Bordak and Revan Sopher, HackRU Spring 2014 - Winner of "Restored Faith In Humanity" Award

A service for crowd-sourcing CAPTCHA challenges and raising money for charity.

Customers submit images to solve and credit card information to an API, whereupon the images are distributed to workers running a Chrome extension. Upon successful solution of a challenge, the customer is charged.

Customers may report unsuccessful solutions, nullifying the payment, to protect against abuse by workers.

Jobs are stored in a priority queue implemented within MongoDB, sorted by due date, in a Shortest Remaining Time First scheduling algorithm.

The API is documented externally over here.


  • Protect against abuse of solution reporting
  • Polish server/extension communications
  • Hook in FirstGiving API (multi-day registration process for API keys)

This repository consists of the Chrome extension for solving images.

This repository holds the D server that serves the API.