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maintainer "Opscode, Inc."
maintainer_email ""
license "Apache 2.0"
description "Configures a server to be an OpenLDAP master, replication slave or client for auth"
long_description, 'README.rdoc'))
version "0.9.3"
recipe "openldap", "Empty, use one of the other recipes"
recipe "openldap::auth", "Set up openldap for user authentication"
recipe "openldap::client", "Install openldap client packages"
recipe "openldap::server", "Set up openldap to be a slapd server"
%w{ ubuntu debian }.each do |os|
supports os
%w{ openssh nscd }.each do |cb|
depends cb
attribute "openldap/basedn",
:display_name => "OpenLDAP BaseDN",
:description => "BaseDN for the LDAP directory",
:default => "dc=domain,dc=com"
attribute "openldap/server",
:display_name => "OpenLDAP Server",
:description => "LDAP Server, used for URIs",
:default => "ldap.domain"
attribute "openldap/rootpw",
:display_name => "OpenLDAP Root Password",
:description => "Password for 'admin' root user, should be a SHA hash that OpenLDAP supports",
:default => "nil"
attribute "openldap/dir",
:display_name => "OpenLDAP Dir",
:description => "Main configuration directory for OpenLDAP",
:default => "/etc/ldap"
attribute "openldap/run_dir",
:display_name => "OpenLDAP Run Directory",
:description => "Run directory for LDAP server processes",
:default => "/var/run/slapd"
attribute "openldap/module_dir",
:display_name => "OpenLDAP Module Directory",
:description => "Location for OpenLDAP add-on modules",
:default => "/usr/lib/ldap"
attribute "openldap/ssl_dir",
:display_name => "OpenLDAP SSL Directory",
:description => "Location for LDAP SSL certificates",
:default => "openldap_dir/ssl"
attribute "openldap/cafile",
:display_name => "OpenLDAP CA File",
:description => "Location for CA certificate",
:default => "openldap_dir_ssl/ca.crt"
attribute "openldap/slapd_type",
:display_name => "OpenLDAP Slapd Type",
:description => "Whether the server is a master or slave",
:default => "nil"
attribute "openldap/slapd_master",
:display_name => "OpenLDP Slapd Master",
:description => "Search nodes for attribute slapd_type master, for slaves",
:default => "nil"
attribute "openldap/slapd_replpw",
:display_name => "OpenLDAP Slapd Replication Password",
:description => "Password for slaves to replicate from master",
:default => "nil"
attribute "openldap/slapd_rid",
:display_name => "OpenLDAP Slapd Replication ID",
:description => "Slave's ID, must be unique",
:default => "102"
attribute "openldap/auth_type",
:display_name => "OpenLDAP Auth Type",
:description => "Used in Apache configs, AuthBasicProvider",
:default => "openldap"
attribute "openldap/auth_binddn",
:display_name => "OpenLDAP Auth BindDN",
:description => "Used in auth_url and Apache configs, AuthBindDN",
:default => "ou=people,openldap_basedn"
attribute "openldap/auth_bindpw",
:display_name => "OpenLDAP Auth Bind Password",
:description => "Used in Apache configs, AuthBindPassword",
:default => "nil"
attribute "openldap/auth_url",
:display_name => "OpenLDAP Auth URL",
:description => "Used in Apache configs, AuthLDAPURL",
:default => "ldap://openldap_server/openldap_auth_binddn?uid?sub?(objectClass=*)"
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