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Snappy Rendering

Snappy v3.0

A cheap, snap-together, nearly screw-less 3D printer (reprap) design that minimizes use of non-printed parts. Current parts cost: about $216! That's including the cost of plastic used to print the parts!

Improves upon the Snappy v2.0 design in the following ways:

  • Altered Z axis lifter design to use lifter screw rods with stabilizing rails.
  • Weight of Z axis bridge is massively reduced by moving lifting motors to tower bottoms.
  • Z axis wobble is significantly reduced.
  • Increases vertical build volume to about 220mm.
  • Z axis homing is now towards Z-min, with adjustable endstops.

Project Status

Verified good.

Links of Interest

Link Description
Make If you need to make changes and regenerate the model files, here's how.
BOM Bill of Materials. Those parts you need to print or obtain to make a Snappy.
Assembly Instructions on how to assemble the Snappy 3d printer.
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