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R2 projects

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Here you will find listed Rebol project covering variuous areas of the programming world.

Project Description
Cheyenne A web server written in Rebol
Document Generator
MakeDoc is the standard used for all Rebol documentation, including Rebol websites, manuals, notes, blogs, and more.
Makedoc Pro Makedoc Pro is an advanced version of makedoc but on steroids
NicomDoc2 MakeDoc Variation: Nicomdoc allows for TeX quality math expressions in your documentation (among it's many other features).
Make Site The make-site project can generate complete web-sites from simple text input files
Steel Project Steel is a collection of tools/libraries for Rebol written by Maxim Olivier-Adlhoch
RebGUI An ADVANCED gui system for Rebol. Look at it !
RebGUI Fork by
Robert Muench
This is a RebGUI with a set of modifications. It is only avalable from author.
View and
Rebol Addins
Henrik Mikael Kristensen addins to Rebol.
LISTVIEW: a complete listview system for Rebol/view
TOOLBAR: a Firefox Stile Toolbar for Rebol
RELATIONS ENGINE: an engine to maintain relations between entities
and some other
RebDB Pseudo relational database written in Rebol
Nicom DB New database engine written in Rebol and released under GPL.
SQLLite Driver A powerful protocol to access the SQL Lite DLL on windows. A must for professional DB developers !
MySQL Driver MySQL Driver compatible up to MySQL 5 for Rebol written by DocKimbel
PGSQL Driver It's a scheme for /Core that will allow you to connect to a PostgreSQL database server
TRETBASE New database written in Rebol and supporting Rebol data
Rebol Framework The Rebol Framework
QuaterMaster framework QuarterMaster is a Web Framework based on the ‘Model-View-Controller’ application pattern
LDAP Scheme LDAP support for Rebol/Core by implementing the LDAP protocol using Rebol schemes
Data-Sync Dialect The data-sync dialect implements a dialect which lets you write xpeers applications that need to handle & sync databases and record.
Ask it directly to the author.
GIST Register This application is an platform application that handles special deases information for a web of medical doctors.
Data Form Dialect The data-form dialect was designed to let you create data-form screen layouts in a fast and easy way
REMARK! HTLM Dialect Remark allows you to create and manage a complete web site by creating static web pages which are built up from html tags which you define (plus any normal html, of course).
TARGA and IFF image loaders Loaders for the TARGA and IFF image formats]
OpenGL Client OpenGL client solution for Windows and MacOS
Postscript Dialect Postscript Dialect Documenation, a dialect to produce postscript pages from Rebol
RebXML RebXML is a Rebol representation of an XML document. The idea behind XML is very good with an interchange format, that is strictly build on the hierarchical datamodel.
CAPTCHA Generator Visual captcha generation system for Rebol web application
ASYNC Call protocol This is an asynchronous CALL function implementation. That means that it does the same job as the native CALL command, but allows you to retrieve output data without blocking your Rebol session.
NT Lan Manager
NTLM (NT Lan Manager) authentication scheme over a Windows LAN
NT Services This Rebol library offers the support for the Windows Services (also known as NT Services). It allows accessing/controling services definition and provides a way to run Rebol encapped applications as Windows Service
Uniserve UniServe is a client/server network programming framework for Rebol
Histogram dialect Rebol Dialect for producing histograms and curves
PDF Maker Dialect Rebol Dialect for generating PDF documents from Rebol
HTLM Dialect for Rebol First alpha release of the HTML dialect written for Rebol. Also includes documentation
Rebol Flash Dialect Rebol Dialect for generating SWF (Flash) files from Rebol
Library interface to Berkeley db 1.85 Rebol Library to interface Rebol/View Pro and Rebol/Command to Berkeley db 1.85
XML-RPC protocol implementation rebRX is an implementation of the XML-RPC protocol
R# programming language R# is a programming language based on Rebol
RUn (Rebol Unit) RUn (Rebol Unit) is a programming framework to test "eXtreme Programming"
ReboLDAP ReboLDAP: LDAP project for Rebol
COM Wrapper COMLib is an interface library that allows a licensed Rebol to talk to applications using COM on the Windows platform
RAPID: (Rebol API DocumenTor) RAPID: (Rebol API DocumenTor) Utility Written in Rebol to generate documentation starting from Rebol Scripts
SURFnet Detective SURFnet Detective: Research utility for IP4 and IP6 written in Rebol
Excel Dialect The Excel Remote Controling Dialect
XPeers XPeers Communication and collaboration suite
Cerebrus Email Guardian Cerebrus Email Guardian: Mailbox Analizer (POP3, HOTMAIL and YAHOO) to detect spam Enterprise web-based collaborative solution (Calendar, Email, Files)


Game Description
REBOX This game is the Rebol port of famous BoxWorld! game
Games and Projects Many games and projects written in Rebol
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