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RevSpeech API Job Options Object Model


Name Type Description
media_url string direct download media url. ignored if submitting job from file
metadata string optional metadata to associate with the job. 256 maximum char limit
callback_url string optional callback url to invoke on job completion as a :ref:`webhook <webhooks-model>`
skip_diarization boolean optional If true then speaker diarization will be skipped, otherwise speech engine will perform speaker diarization. If value is not provided then the value defaults to false.
language_model n/a CURRENTLY UNSUPPORTED language model type to use in processing
recognition_context n/a CURRENTLY UNSUPPORTED text to be used to give context to the recognition
locales n/a CURRENTLY UNSUPPORTED array of locale codes that are expected in the audio
custom_vocabulary n/a CURRENTLY UNSUPPORTED array of expressions that must be added/biased during recognition
desired_processing n/a CURRENTLY UNSUPPORTED list of speech-recognition steps to be performed


// From Media Url
  "media_url": "",
  "metadata": "sample metadata",
  "callback_url": "",
  "skip_diarization": "false"

// From Local File
  "metadata": "sample metadata",
  "callback_url": "",
  "skip_diarization": "false"