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Review removed content on reddit. Uses the Pushshift API, built on code from removeddit.
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reveddit is a site for reviewing removed content on reddit user, subreddit, and thread pages. Visit any<username> or<subreddit> page and add ve to the URL to see recent removed content,

For user pages, reveddit compares the content shown on a reddit user page to what is displayed elsewhere publicly on reddit. For subreddit pages, it compares what is recorded in Pushshift to what appears on the subreddit page. The code uses Jason Baumgartner's Pushshift API to determine whether content was removed immediately (by automod) or whether it was removed later (likely by a moderator).

The frontend is written in React, leveraging the removeddit framework by Jesper Wrang.


  1. Download either yarn or npm and run:
git clone && cd reveddit

# npm...
npm install
npm start

# or yarn
yarn start

This will build the Javascript files and launch a local server for development.

  1. Visit http://localhost:8080 and make sure the site is running.

Note, CSS is built separately by running

# npm
npm run build-sass

# yarn
yarn run build-sass

Aggregated content

ragger generates the data used in the upvote removal graph on subreddit pages.


Code-contributions are welcome. Feel free to submit a PR, or if it is a significant change, open an issue to discuss it first.


Use r/reveddit for general questions or discussion. Bug reports can be made here on Github or in that subreddit.

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