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Casbin authz is an authorization middleware for Revel, it's based on https://github.com/casbin/casbin.

Simple Example

package main

import (


var adapter = casbinauth.NewAdapter(params)
var enforcer = casbin.NewEnforcer("authz_model.conf", adapter)
var casbinModule = casbinauth.NewCasbinModule(enforcer)

var testFilters = []revel.Filter{
	func(c *revel.Controller, fc []revel.Filter) {

func main() {
	r, _ := http.NewRequest("GET", "/dataset1/resource1", nil)
    	r.SetBasicAuth("alice", "123")
    	w := httptest.NewRecorder()
    	context := revel.NewGoContext(nil)
    	c := revel.NewController(context)
    	testFilters[0](c, testFilters)


The authorization determines a request based on {subject, object, action}, which means what subject can perform what action on what object. In this plugin, the meanings are:

  1. subject: the logged-on user name
  2. object: the URL path for the web resource like "dataset1/item1"
  3. action: HTTP method like GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, or the high-level actions you defined like "read-file", "write-blog"

For how to write authorization policy and other details, please refer to the Casbin's documentation.