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// Copyright (c) 2012-2016 The Revel Framework Authors, All rights reserved.
// Revel Framework source code and usage is governed by a MIT style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package revel
// Filter type definition for Revel's filter
type Filter func(c *Controller, filterChain []Filter)
// Filters is the default set of global filters.
// It may be set by the application on initialization.
var Filters = []Filter{
PanicFilter, // Recover from panics and display an error page instead.
RouterFilter, // Use the routing table to select the right Action.
FilterConfiguringFilter, // A hook for adding or removing per-Action filters.
ParamsFilter, // Parse parameters into Controller.Params.
SessionFilter, // Restore and write the session cookie.
FlashFilter, // Restore and write the flash cookie.
ValidationFilter, // Restore kept validation errors and save new ones from cookie.
I18nFilter, // Resolve the requested language.
InterceptorFilter, // Run interceptors around the action.
CompressFilter, // Compress the result.
ActionInvoker, // Invoke the action.
// NilFilter and NilChain are helpful in writing filter tests.
var (
NilFilter = func(_ *Controller, _ []Filter) {}
NilChain = []Filter{NilFilter}