Package should be named revel or rev, not both #54

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ghost commented Dec 6, 2012

When I create a sample project, it creates the following code in app/controllers/app.go:

package controllers

import ""

type Application struct {

func (c Application) Index() rev.Result {
    return c.Render()

But package revel doesn't exist. When "go get" runs, it downloads with the directory revel, yet you placed all the source code into package "rev". So what I had to do to get gocode to stop complaining was to create a symlink named rev to point to revel and change the import statements to import only rev, not revel.

The gist of this is: Please put the code into package revel if the final directory is named revel, or rename the final directory to rev.

elite527 commented Dec 6, 2012

Good idea.It confuse me sometimes.

kdar commented Dec 6, 2012

Yea, should be more consistent. I do like the abbreviation "rev" a lot, but that's easy just to put it that way in the import statement.


it needs simplifying a.s.a.p, before widespread adoption makes it too difficult to change.

robfig commented Jan 8, 2013

Blast, I really was hoping to have a 4 letter package name at most. I didn't realize the difference causes trouble for tools. I guess there's no alternative to renaming the package to revel.

@robfig robfig added a commit that closed this issue Jan 29, 2013
@robfig robfig rev -> revel. Fixes #54 f164930
@robfig robfig closed this in f164930 Jan 29, 2013
purohit commented Jan 30, 2013

Thanks for doing this. I'm using it for a new project, and was a little confused at the rev.*

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