Revel Workflow

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Revel Workflow

We use GH Issues primarily for reporting & fixing bugs and discussing & implementing features. Releases are put together using waffle


Github Labels

Reviewing Pull Requests

A valid PR will:

  • target develop branch
  • provide needed details to verify that real value is being added
  • for bugs, steps to reproduce are required
  • for enhancements, an RFC is often required for significant changes
  • be properly labelled by a team member (see labels in above list)

Incorrect Branch Targeted by PR

If the PR is addressing a bug, make sure to set clear expectations on what we need in order to accept the PR:

After that, please provide steps to reproduce the issue so we can 
ensure the problem you are attempting to solve is working as expected.
A new unit test is always welcome

Always show gratitude for their effort~

Thank you!


  • set the PR's milestone to Backlog (if the contributor never corrects the issue, we may want to manually retarget the PR ourselves in order to improve Revel)


Major/Minor Releases

  1. Setup environment for develop for release
  • go get
  • mkdir ~/somewhere/working
  • cd ~/somewhere/working
  • repo-tool init -b develop -u
  • export GOPATH=$PWD:$GOPATH
  • go test -v
  • go build -o ./revel
  1. Test develop branch in repo {revel, cmd, config, modules, cron}
  • ./revel test
  • Update release build date in revel/version.go
  • Manually test Samples and unit tests
  • Update necessary thing for current release
  • Push develop branch and Confirm Travis CI build pass
  1. Merge and Create Release tag
  • Merge them to respective master branch in order (important)
    • { cron, modules, config, cmd, revel }
  • Tag master branch according to Semantic Versioning
    • Repo's {revel, cmd, config, modules, cron, samples, heroku-buildpack-go-revel}
  • Add Release notes to revel/revel repo, please refer previous release notes for guidance
    • Cover instructions to transition any breaking changes
  1. Update Revel Website
  • Update _data/version.yaml for release
  • Manual matches new release changes
  • Finally merge develop branch into master
  • Tag master branch according to Semantic Versioning
  1. Announce Release
  • Reddit /r/golang
  • Golang-nuts mailing list
  • Revel mailing list
  • Revel IRC (freenode#revel)

Patch Releases

  1. Confirm submitted issue/pull request is truly a critical issue
  2. Create patch branch for next patch version e.g. patch-0.9.1
  3. Commit one or more fixes for the patch release
  4. Test for regression issues and working solutions
  5. Release patch
  • Draft release
  • Merge to master
  • Tag patch version
  • Delete patch branch

Website Releases

We use feature branches and PRs to merge into master. There is no develop branch. Updating the website repo during a release is a manual process done to update latest release version and date. @shawncatz will write a dedicated script step in the meta repo to automate this soon.

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