Cascading is a feature rich API for defining and executing complex and fault tolerant data processing workflows on a Hadoop cluster.
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Thanks for using Cascading.

General Information:

For project documentation and community support, visit:

This distribution includes five Cascading jar files:

  • cascading-core-x.y.z.jar - all Cascading Core class files
  • cascading-xml-x.y.z.jar - all Cascading XML operations class files
  • cascading-local-x.y.z.jar - all Cascading Local mode class files
  • cascading-hadoop-x.y.z.jar - all Cascading Hadoop mode class files
  • cascading-platform-x.y.z.jar - all Cascading common platform tests and test utilities

These class jars, along with source and javadoc jars, are all available via the Maven repository.

Hadoop mode is where the Cascading application should run on a Hadoop cluster.

Local mode is where the Cascading application will run locally in memory without any Hadoop dependenices.

The Platform jar only includes tests common across all supported platforms.


To build Cascading, run the following in the shell:

> git clone
> cd cascading
> gradle build

Cascading currently requires Gradle 1.0.

To use an IDE like IntelliJ, run the following to get create IntelliJ module files:

> gradle ideaModule

Using with Apache Hadoop:

To use Cascading with Hadoop, we suggest stuffing cascading-core, cascading-hadoop, (optionally) cascading-xml jarfiles and all third-party libs into the lib folder of your job jar and executing your job via $HADOOP_HOME/bin/hadoop jar your.jar <your args>.

For example, your job jar would look like this (via: jar -t your.jar)

/<all your class and resource files>
/lib/<cascading third-party jar files>

Hadoop will unpack the jar locally and remotely (in the cluster) and add any libraries in lib to the classpath. This is a feature specific to Hadoop.