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Wordnik Common Utils


This project contains a number of tools used by Wordnik

To Build

Build the project with maven:

cd ../..
./sbt compile

Or get the artifacts from maven central

Utilities Included


A utility for fine-grained code instrumentation. Simply pass a function to the Profile class with a name and the Profiler will keep track of performance statistics. It registers timings and has support for akka's futures in 2.9.x or uses scala.concurrent.Future in 2.10.x

For example:

// For application level metrics"delete user")) {
  // do something

// or for instance level metrics
val profiler = Profile[UserDao]
profiler("delete user") {
  // do something

This utility is backed by coda hale metrics. For reporting etc you can use jconsole or one of the reporters. coda hale metrics