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Distributed storage for medium and large objects with streaming support
C++ C Python CMake Lua Nginx

Merge pull request #643 from abudnik/timeout

timeout: accurately check timeouted transactions using microseconds
latest commit eff1658963
@bioothod bioothod authored
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bindings state: split backend weight into cache/disk pair and update them sepa…
cache dnet_request_fetcher -> dnet_request_queue
cmake monitor: using handystats library to gather runtime statistics
cocaine Elliptics service for Cocaine: added read_latest
conf Added new configs (for nginx and fastcgi frontend) and python example
debian v2.26.7.0
doc doc: Added documentation for secondary indexes
example Merge pull request #636 from abudnik/oplock
foreign indexes: Indexes metadata field added
include/elliptics state: split backend weight into cache/disk pair and update them sepa…
indexes Used local node address for state in local_session: fixed invalid add…
library timeout: accurately check timeouted transactions using microseconds
man debian: removed ioserv.conf references from examples and man.
monitor dnet_request_fetcher -> dnet_request_queue
recovery recovery: zero-sized keys are actually valid
srw srw: removed dumping @info result to the log
tests tests: updated oplock test in locks_test.cpp
wireshark monitor&statistics: moved stat_log and stat_log_count statistics to m…
.gitignore Added debian/pyversions to gitignore.
.gitmodules submodule: removed react, started to use git:// instead of http://
.travis.yml Add repos from to install cocaine
CMakeLists.txt build: fixed build on rhel 6 with boost v1.41.0-25
LICENSE License Elliptics under LGPL vs license
README Doc update
elliptics-bf.spec v2.26.7.0 Python: Fixed and dnet_client installation.


Elliptics network is a fault tolerant key/value storage.
It was designed to handle all error cases starting from simple disk problems upto datacenter failures.
With default key generation policy it implements distributed hash table object storage.

The network does not use dedicated servers to maintain the metadata information,
it supports redundant objects storage.
Small to medium sized write benchmarks can be found on eblob page and in the appropriate blog section.

For more details check
Google group:!forum/reverbrain
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