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"""Implements a Union-Find (or discrete-set) data-structure with the following performance profile:
-makeset O(1)
-find O(1)
-union O(n)
class UnionFind():
def __init__(self):
self.sets = []
self.lookup = {}
def make_set(self, item):
new_set = [item]
self.lookup[item] = new_set
def find(self, item):
return self.lookup[item]
def union(self, set1, set2):
"""Merges set1 into set2"""
assert(set1 in self.sets)
assert(set2 in self.sets)
for (item, value) in self.lookup.iteritems():
if value == set1:
self.lookup[item] = set2
def as_lists(self):
return self.sets