A javascript demonstration parsing a string and printing it out like a dot matrix printer.
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5X7 Dot Matrix Character Set Visual.txt
5X7 Dot Matrix Character Set With Commas for array.txt


This is simple javascript demonstration that let's you take an alphanumeric phrase and print it out in a matrix. You can view a functioning version of this code at http://technecreative.com under the Code section or a stand aloneversion at http://technecreative.com/DotMatrixPrint.html.

Unlike LED matricies where the display can rely on persistance of vision this example requires the entire character to be stored as a set of 5 columns stacked 7 wide, plus one column for spacing. This creates a 5x7 dot matrix "font". This has been achieved using a 3 dimensional array. Each character has an array consisting of 5 columns. Each column is in turn a binary array of weather that "pixel" is on of off. Next the input string is parsed and compaired to each character in the "font" array. Then each row is read, while jumping between each character so line breaks only happen at the end of the row. This has the advantage that if you want to copy and paste the phrase you can do so directly without any ordering issues. Although it will only work with a fixed width font. Also included in this repository is the array list for each character as well as the binaries (not literally binary just the list of 1s and 0s for each "pixel") written out without any commas or brackets.

Enjoy. ~Reversenorm