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Clone and run for a quick way to see Revery in action.

This is a minimal Revery application to get you started.

The most important file here is:

  • - This is the core application code, responsible for creating a window and rendering.

A Revery application also needs these files:

  • package.json - esy configuration - lists the OCaml/Reason dependencies.
  • dune / dune-project - build configuration files used by Dune.
  • .opam - metadata used by the build system.


  • Install Git
  • Install Esy 0.5.6+


  • esy install
  • esy build

The binary will be in the _build/install/default/bin - you can run it like:

  • _build/install/default/bin/App

or with esy:

  • esy run
# Clone the repository
git clone
# Go into the repository
cd revery-quick-start
# Install dependencies
esy install
# Build dependencies
esy build
# Run the app
esy run

NOTE: The first build will take a while - building the OCaml compiler and dependencies takes time! Subsequent builds, though, should be very fast.


Next steps

Here's a few challenges to see if you've got the basics:

  • Change the text from 'Hello World' to something more interesting!
  • Add an Image component (Hint - you'll need to add the resource to the dune file, too)
  • Respond to user input
  • Create a frameless window


MIT License

Revery-quick-start also includes some assets (font files, etc) that have their own licensing terms. For these, see ThirdPartyLicenses.txt