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Review Board is a web-based code review tool that takes the pain out of code review.

Mozilla Labs' TogetherJS (formerly TowTruck) makes it easy to let the viewers of a web page chat with one another - either via text, or over WebRTC with their microphones.

review_together is an extension for Review Board that lets users chat via TogetherJS.


Clone, this directory onto the machine with your Review Board instance running on it. Then, run:

python install

to do the install.

Finally, log in to Review Board's administrator interface, and choose "Extensions" at the top of the page. You should see "review-together" listed as an available extension. Click on "Enable", and you should be all set!

I installed the extension. Why isn't it working?

Currently, this extension only works with Review Board 1.7.15 and higher. Make sure your Review Board instance is up to date.

Setting up your own hub.

By default Review Together runs on a hub hosted by Mozilla but you can run your own TogetherJS hub. You can download a hub server here. This will require NodeJS.

To run the server, type the following command in the directory where you downloaded the file:

node server.js

Make note of the URL and port where your server is running. To point your Review Board instance to this hub, go to your admin panel. Click on Extensions and where ReviewTogether is listed amongst other extensions under the "Manage Extensions" container, click on configure. There an input box for you to paste the url of your hub. Your hub URL and port make look something like this:
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