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Add documentation about how to install and run tests.

This adds some docs on installing dependencies needed to run tests. It's
not totally complete (misses some support for other SCMs), but gives us
a start.

Patch by Craig Silverstein, with some ReST fixes by Christian Hammond.

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csilvers authored and chipx86 committed Mar 26, 2012
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@@ -13,6 +13,7 @@ Contributors:
* Ben Hollis
* Bryan Halter
* Chris Clark
+ * Craig Silverstein
* Dan Savilonis
* Dana Lacoste
* Daniel Cestari
@@ -11,3 +11,49 @@ This consists of the following officially supported tools:
There are also some user-contributed scripts and application plugins in the
contrib directory. See the associated README files for more information.
+Testing rbtools
+This is of interest mostly to developers of rbtools.
+To run all the tests, you will need to install hgsubversion::
+ $ easy_install hgsubversion
+This may need apr-config, also known as apr-1-config, to run. This is
+part of the apache distribution. On ubuntu, you can get it via::
+ $ sudo apt-get install libapr1-dev # also try apache2-dev or httpd-dev
+hgsubversion also requires that you set up an :file:`.hgrc` in your home
+directory with the following contents::
+ [extensions]
+ hgsvn = /path/to/hgsubversion
+This will be something like
+If you already have an ``[extensions]`` section in your :file:`.hgrc`, just add
+the hgsvn line to it.
+You will also need nose::
+ $ easy_install nose
+Just run::
+ $ nosetests
+from the top of the rbtools directory. You can run nosetests in subdirectories
+to just run the tests in that directory. See `'nosetests --help'` for more

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