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An extensible and friendly code review tool for projects and companies of all sizes.
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Make draft RegionCommentBlock movable and resizable.

Currently, a RegionCommentBlock is not movable or resizable, even if it is a
draft. This change makes draft RegionCommentBlocks movable or resizable by
drag-and-drop'ing left-top or right bottom corner of them. Users finish
resizing by mouse-up action, and the draft RegionCommentBlock's new bound is
saved on server. RegionCommentBlockView handles mouseup and mousedown, and
simulate click event if mouseup happened w/o any drag. Click on
RegionCommentBlockView shows the comment inside, and shows an editor to change
it, if any comment in the block is a draft.

I made this RR to combine two RRs:
and fix click/drag-and-drop bugs in them.

Testing Done:
Passed all tests in "/js-test/".

Browser test done:
  1. Go to file attachment review page, for example,
  2. Make draft comment
  3. Try moving
  4. Try resizing
  5. Refresh the page
  6. See if the bounds updated

Edge cases tested:
  1. Open file attachment review page, make resize/move "once" and refresh.
     => Fixed and working well.
  2. Try click-and-drag non-draft commentBlocks.
     => Non-drafy commentBlcoks are not movable. Working as expected.

Reviewed at
latest commit 9468ea2c09
syeo syeo authored davidt committed


Review Board

Review Board is a web-based review tool designed to help projects and companies
keep track of pending code changes and make reviews of code, graphics, and more
much less painful and time-consuming. It's generic enough to use in any
project, and works at companies and organizations of any size.

Information on usage and installation can be found on

General information on the project is available on
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