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The collectstatic command is currently broken as it is trying to use certain keyword arguments that are not supported by the latest version of django-pipeline.

Because the requirement for django-pipeline is defined as >= in it brings in the latest version (as of this writing 1.2.15) although ReviewBoard is known to work with version 1.2.1.

This pull request fixes this problem (traceback cut off for brevity) by setting the requirement to 1.2.1 strict:

File "/opt/devel/rboard/lib/python2.6/site-packages/django_pipeline-1.2.15-py2.6.egg/pipeline/compilers/", line 41, in compile
    compiler.compile_file(infile, outfile, outdated=outdated, force=force)
TypeError: compile_file() got an unexpected keyword argument 'outdated'  

The next problem is that jsmin doesn't get installed because it is not defined anywhere as a dependency so I included that into the requirements, the
latest version (2.0.2) seemed to work correctly and finally was able to compile absolutely everything that ReviewBoard needs to work. The error that
that fix prevents is below (again, traceback cut for brevity):

File "/opt/devel/rboard/lib/python2.6/site-packages/pipeline/compressors/jsmin/", line 10, in compress_js
  from jsmin import jsmin
 ImportError: No module named jsmin

Please submit patches to http:/

@davidt davidt closed this Feb 24, 2013

It is absolutely discouraging to see a six month old pull request not be addressed directly and be closed without any indication that the process for pull requests in Github is not the correct one.

Could you at the very least consider outlining what this organization expects for contributions in a visible place like the README file? Github also has a way of highlighting contributing guidelines (

Review Board member

I'm sorry it's discouraging. We don't deal with pull requests, meaning we hardly even see them. David just saw that there were a ton queued up, and rather than leave them there forever, he wanted to let everyone know where patches are to be posted.

If we could turn off pull requests, or auto-respond, we would. (I think we had an autoresponder years ago, but I don't know what happened there).

(It's a bit silly though for us not to use Review Board for reviewing patches, and our contribution guide for Review Board does state where they go.)

I'll add a CONTRIBUTING file to make this more clear for the future.

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