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Who am I and why was I mentioned in a pull request
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About @reviewbybees

CloudBees, Inc. has some internal code review processes. One of the requirements is that we get changes signed off by other CloudBees employees.

To help us identify the Pull requests in GitHub that we need to review, we typically just mention @reviewbybees in the pull request. That lets us see the review requests that we need to review using this handy query.

Our current internal process requires that before we seek to get a change merged we must have at least one positive review from a CloudBees employee.

In addition, if there are any negative reviews from CloudBees employees then we are not allowed to ask for the change to be merged until the issue identified has been resolved.

However, that does not mean that you, as a maintainer of your open source project need to pay any attention to our processes:

  • If you see a change that you think should be merged, and you want to merge it now, it's your project, so it's your call
  • If you see a change that is taking the code in a direction you don't like, tell us... no need to wait while we polish up the pull request if ultimately our proposal would take your project in a different direction.

NOTE: A previous version of our process used 👍 and 👎 but some people communicated that these vote types were implying that the change should be merged by the maintainer.

We also used to use 🐝 and 🐛 comments to indicate approval or rejection, but GitHub has since strengthened its review features.

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