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Run tflint with reviewdog on pull requests to enforce best practices


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GitHub Action: Run tflint with reviewdog

Test reviewdog release GitHub release (latest SemVer) action-bumpr supported depup

This action runs tflint with reviewdog on pull requests to enforce best practices.


With github-pr-check

By default, with reporter: github-pr-check an annotation is added to the line:

Example comment made by the action, with github-pr-check

With github-pr-review

With reporter: github-pr-review a comment is added to the Pull Request Conversation:

Example comment made by the action, with github-pr-review



Required. Must be in form of github_token: ${{ secrets.github_token }}.


Optional. Report level for reviewdog [info,warning,error]. It's same as -level flag of reviewdog. The default is error.


Optional. Reporter of reviewdog command [github-pr-check,github-pr-review]. The default is github-pr-check.


Optional. Filtering for the reviewdog command [added,diff_context,file,nofilter].

The default is added.

See reviewdog documentation for filter mode for details.


Optional. Exit code for reviewdog when errors are found [true,false].

The default is false.

See reviewdog documentation for exit codes for details.


Optional. Directory to run the action on, from the repo root. The default is . ( root of the repository).


Optional. The tflint version to install and use. The default is latest.


Optional. Space separated, official (from the terraform-linters GitHub organization) tflint rulesets to install and use. If a pre-configured TFLINT_PLUGIN_DIR is set, rulesets are installed in that directory. Default is `` (empty).


Optional. Whether to run tflint --init prior to linting (useful if you have a .tflint.hcl with some values in it). The default is false.


Optional. List of arguments to send to tflint. For the output to be parsable by reviewdog --format=checkstyle is enforced. The default is --module.



The tflint command return code.


The reviewdog command return code.

Example usage

name: reviewdog
on: [pull_request]
    name: runner / tflint
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest

      - name: Clone repo
        uses: actions/checkout@v4

      # Install latest Terraform manually as
      #  Docker-based GitHub Actions are
      #  slow due to lack of caching
      # Note: Terraform is not needed for tflint
      - name: Install Terraform
        run: |
          brew install terraform

      # Run init to get module code to be able to use `--module`
      - name: Terraform init
        run: |
          terraform init

      # Minimal example
      - name: tflint
        uses: reviewdog/action-tflint@v1
          github_token: ${{ secrets.github_token }}

      # More complex example
      - name: tflint
        uses: reviewdog/action-tflint@v1
          github_token: ${{ secrets.github_token }}
          working_directory: "testdata" # Optional. Change working directory
          reporter: github-pr-review # Optional. Change reporter
          fail_on_error: "true" # Optional. Fail action if errors are found
          filter_mode: "nofilter" # Optional. Check all files, not just the diff
          tflint_version: "v0.24.0" # Optional. Custom version, instead of latest
          tflint_rulesets: "azurerm google" # Optional. Extra official rulesets to install
          flags: "--module" # Optional. Add custom tflint flags



You can bump version on merging Pull Requests with specific labels (bump:major,bump:minor,bump:patch). Pushing tag manually by yourself also work.

This action updates major/minor release tags on a tag push. e.g. Update v1 and v1.2 tag when released v1.2.3. ref:

Lint - reviewdog integration

This reviewdog action template itself is integrated with reviewdog to run lints which is useful for Docker container based actions.

Supported linters: