A plugin for NodeBB to take file uploads and store them on Upyun
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NodeBB Upyun Uploads Plugin

npm install nodebb-plugin-upyun-uploads

A plugin for NodeBB to take file uploads and store them on Upyun, uses the filter:uploadImage and filter:uploadFile hooks in NodeBB.

Upyun Uploads Configuration

You can configure this plugin via a combination of the below, for instance, you can use database and environment variables in combination. You can also configure via the NodeBB Admin panel, which will result in the Bucket and Credentials being stored in the NodeBB Database.

If you decide to use the Database storage for Credentials, then they will take precedence over both Environment Variables and Instance Meta-data, the full load order is:

  1. Database
  2. Environment Variables


I use it on V2MM.tech, but of course you can't see the admin panels.

Environment Variables

export UPYUN_OPERATER_NAME="operatername"
export UPYUN_UPLOADS_BUCKET="mybucket"
export UPYUN_UPLOADS_PATH="path"
export UPYUN_ENDPOINT="v0.api.upyun.com"
export UPYUN_HOST="hostname domain"

NOTE: Asset host is optional - If you do not specify an asset host, then the default asset host is <bucket>.b0.upaiyun.com. NOTE: Asset path is optional - If you do not specify an asset path, then the default asset path is /.

Database Backed Variables

From the NodeBB Admin panel, you can configure the following settings to be stored in the Database:

  • bucket — The bucket to upload into
  • host - The base URL for the asset. Typically http://<bucket>.b0.upaiyun.com
  • path - The asset path (optional)
  • endpoint - The endpoint. Typically v0.api.upyun.com
  • operaterName — The Upyun Operater Name
  • operaterPassword — The Upyun Operater Password

NOTE: Storing your credentials in the database is bad practice, and you really shouldn't do it.

Highly recommend using Environment Variables instead.


  • Currently all uploads are stored in Upyun keyed by a UUID and file extension, as such, if a user uploads multiple avatars, all versions will still exist in Upyun. This is a known issue and may require some sort of cron job to scan for old uploads that are no longer referenced in order for those objects to be deleted from Upyun.


This plugin is a folk from LouiseMcMahon's nodebb-plugin-s3-uploads. Thanks for her great job.

Thanks a632079 for help.