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Sparkling for ReviveToday

Small modifications to the sparkling theme for the ReviveToday website.

Theme preview

These modifications are largely bespoke, so we fully recommend you check out the original ColorLib version.


The slider has been modified to use a Custom Post Type instead of a post category. This allows the slider to contain custom content and links not found in the blog.

  • Featured image is what will be displayed in the background.
  • The WordPress body text will be displayed in the bottom left, including the title.
  • rt_url is a valid meta entry, which will resolve as a URL in the slider.


Simple, toggleable buttons that mimic what the Jetpack share buttons would do, but with minimalistic functionality.

Dark Mode

Add a menu item with the class name rt-toggle-bright, and it will function as a dark mode toggle.

Advanced Ads Container

above-title custom placement is supported, which will display the advert above the title, as per the Acceptable Ads guidelines.