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Export Remember The Milk tasks to a text file in todo.txt format

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This repository contains two disposable Python scripts that take a list
of tasks exported from Remember The Milk and convert it to Gina Trapani's
todo.txt format (see

The first script,, accepts task data as an
Atom feed and converts it to a todo.txt file. The second script,, does the same, but expects input data in
iCalendar format.

The latter script is preferable. If it doesn't work for you, please let
me know and I'll fix it (my contact email should be somewhere around here).
And, of course, pull requests are always welcome.

RTM lists are coverted to todo.txt projects (+Project), and RTM tags and
locations are converted to contexts (@Context). Unfortunately, although
iCalendar format contains much more information about tasks, it's missing
RTM list names, so if those are important, the two options left are:

1) use
2) reconstruct the list names in output manually.

To download the list of RTM tasks as an Atom feed, use this URL:

To download task data in iCalendar format, use this URL:

See also docstrings and usage text within each script for more details.
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