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The best tool that we have for helping people is our chat room. You can ask for help on any topic and see what others are up to. Commits to our projects on Github automatically show up, and you can program bots to interact with people.

What’s the value of Slack?

We all know why communication is useful. It is implicit in today’s world why keeping people in the loop actively using email, passively by posting to social media, or one-on-one with private messages is useful and valuable. Tools have developed further to foster communication within an organization. A few generations ago this might have bene done using IRC (internet relay chat), an origin of internet chat room culture. Today, organizational tools are more user-friendly (natively supported on web browsers and smart phones) and more integrated (with coding tools, testing tools, video conferencing, social media, and much more). Arguably the most powerful and popular communication tools for organizations is Slack. Not only does it improve communication on its own functional merit, but it encourages good communication practices by allowing for tools like Dropbox (file sharing), Jenkins (integration), and Google Hangouts (video chat) to be integrated into your organization's discussion channels.

Slack has many clients for desktop and mobile, you should install one and stay in touch.

To request an invite to Slack, send an email to slack@int80.biz

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