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You wanna learn to program eh? Cool. Do as I say and you will be pleased with the final outcome, I promise.

Do these things:

  1. Get a computer. They are useful.
  2. Get a linux VM. Linux is written by developers, for developers. It rules.
  3. Do some background reading. Get familar with the UNIX shell environment.
  4. Join us on the Slack chat.
  5. Start doing some tutorials. There are a collection of great tutorials and things to read here that will get you started with actually writing code. I recommend the Python tutorials and "JavaScript For Cats".
  6. Come up with a simple starter project to work on. Anything that interests you. Go in the chat and ask people if they think your project is a good intro project and for suggestions on how to accomplish it. Google, read, try writing code, ask questions.
  7. Check back here soon for more fun stuff.
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