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Orchestra is a small helper project designed to coordinate the various projects involved in

With Orchestra you can:

  • Clone all the necessary repositories:
    • revamb: the main project.
    • qemu: the modified version of QEMU allowing us to obtain tinycode for any of the supported architectures
    • llvm: the LLVM compiler framework we support, it's almost the vanilla one, except for some minor bugfixes.
    • clang: the vanilla LLVM C/C++ compiler, we need it to compile certain parts of QEMU into LLVM IR that we can later link to the translated program.
    • compiler-rt: the compiler runtime, with minor patches to improve the support for x86 software floating point operations.
  • Build and configure all the above mentioned components correctly, plus building the three toolchains we currently support (armv7a-hardfloat-linux-uclibceabi, mips-unknown-linux-musl and x86_64-gentoo-linux-musl).
  • Install all the components into a single directory.
  • Build and configure revamb so that you're all set to start hacking the code.

By default the code is built into the build/ directory and installed into the root/ directory.

Orchestra is known to work on Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04.

How to build

This process will take about 18 GiB and quite some time.

sudo apt-get install libboost-dev gawk libmpc-dev libmpfr-dev libgmp-dev \
                     texinfo pkg-config zlib1g-dev libglib2.0-dev wget git \
                     cmake build-essential python
cd build/revamb
ctest -j$(nproc)