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Weather Report: An example of using checkpoint with knitr and RStudio

This is an example R Markdown notebook showing how to use the checkpoint package with knitr and RStudio.

Create a weather report

First, run the script download-weather-data.R. This will download historical weather data for New York City (NYC), Chicago (ORD), Boston (BOS), Seattle (SEA) and Alanta (ATL), and saves the data as an R object in weatherHistory.Rd. You can configure the script to download data for different cities, if you like. The download process can take several minutes.

Once you have downloaded the data, the file weather-report.Rmd will generate a Word document summarizing the weather in Chicago in 2016. You can choose another cities' data by changing the city variable on line 24 to its corresponding airport code, if the data is included in weatherHistory.Rd.

Note that both the download-weather-data.R script and the weather-report.Rmd R Markdown file use the checkpoint function for reproducibility. Both scripts will download and use their dependent R packages as they were on April 18, 2017. The first time checkpoint("2017-04-18") is called, it will automatically detect the required packages and download them into your ~/.checkpoint folder. If you haven't used checkpoint before, install it from CRAN first with install.packages("checkpoint"). You should also run:


from the R console, and confirm that you wish to create the ~/.checkpoint folder.

Using checkpoint with RStudio and knitr

RStudio requires several packages to be installed when you click the "Knit" button, and when using checkpoint those packages need to be installed for the corresponding checkpoint date. There is a very simple way to do this: when you use checkpoint in a .Rmd file, simply ensure there isa .R file containing the following lines in the same folder:


While this .R file is never exectuted, the checkpoint function will discover it and ensure the named packages are installed for the checkpoint date. That's the purpose of the knitr-packages.R file in this example.