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Communication is critical.

Privacy is essential.

Revolt is currently led by Paul Makles and in part by Martin Löffler.

"From your first dirt block, to the greatest guild you have ever played with, to late-night deep conversations with your friends, we all know how important communication is.

We at Revolt strive to create a free and open platform, allowing diversified communities of all kinds to thrive and to be fully transparent with our users. We believe everyone should have total freedom over how they talk with each other.

We realize these days that privacy has come down lower in priority amongst other values. We believe in freedom of speech, that everyone should have the right to talk freely and express themselves in any way."

- nizune, Former Designer

Our Story

The Revolt project originally started back in 2019 by a group of three students from the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic, looking for an alternative to the already emerging, closed-source chat platforms.

Our main focus for the project was to create an open-source, completely compromise-free platform that offered all of the same features and competed against other chat apps.

Revolt as it stands today began development towards the end of 2020 and went online on the 27th of January 2021.

Revolt went into a public beta on the 11th of August 2021.

For the people

We at Revolt made our platform completely open-source to remain transparent while maintaining the best user experience possible. We are very thankful to our users for using Revolt and we think they deserve transparency from our side and we do our best to provide the best platform with the highest standard of privacy and security they deserve. We recognize everyone who helps improve our solution and we are open to contributions from our community as together, we can develop a platform that we all deserve.