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LOFAR solutions tool
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LoSoTo: LOFAR solutions tool

Main developer:

  • Francesco de Gasperin

Contributed code:

  • David Rafferty
  • Maaijke Mevius
  • Jose Sabater Montes
  • Martin Hardcastle
  • Andreas Horneffer
  • and the LOFAR Survey Key Science Project


  • If you use LoSoTo for your data reduction, please acknowledge it with "This work has made use of the Lofar Solution Tool (LoSoTo), developed by F. de Gasperin."




  • bin/: the losoto executable and some manipulators for H5parms
  • docs/: documentation
  • examples/: some examples h5parm to use with validation/test parsets
  • losoto/operations/: containts all the modules for operations
  • parsets/: some examples parsets
  • tools/: contains some external tools

Required packages:

  • PyTables version: >3.0.0
  • HDF5 version: >1.8.4
  • NumPy version: >1.9.0
  • configparser (backport from python 3.0 if using python 2.7)
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