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JSbooks is a showcase of the bests free ebooks about Javascript.

Find here the best publications about your favourite programming language without spending any bucks !

Check it out :

We also have a python version :


If you find a nice ebook about Javascript, feel free to fork JSbooks and add it in a few steps :

  • Paste the informations into the JSON file.
  • Please include a .png file for the cover : less than 100Ko.
  • Make a pull request.

Alternatively, you can send us an email with book infos :

Thanks per advance !


Historically, this project was supposed to be an experimental Apple 'NewsStand' application.

After some weeks of work, we discovered that having a functionnal application wasn't enough.

You also have to follow various Apple guidelines and use some Apple libraries to be 'NewsStand' compatible.

So we decided to go full web and this move gave JSbooks a much wider audience.

Thanks Apple to give us this opportunity :)


The JSbooks website is licensed under the MIT license:

Each book has his own licence, see book homepage.

About us

The revolunet team is specialised in rich web applications development, for mobile or desktop.

Check out our website :