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Mobile friendly AngularJS carousel
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AngularJS Touch Carousel

An AngularJS carousel implementation optimised for mobile devices.

Demo :

Comments and contributions welcome :)

Proudly brought to you by the @revolunet team.

Usage :

  • If you use bower, just bower install angular-carousel. If not, download files from the github repo
  • Add angular-touch.js, angular-carousel.css, and angular-carousel.js to your code:
<link href="angular-carousel.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
<script src="angular.js"></script>
<script src="angular-touch.js"></script>
<script src="angular-carousel.js"></script>
  • Add a dependency to the angular-carousel module in your application.
angular.module('MyApp', ['angular-carousel']);
  • Add a rn-carousel attribute to your <ul> block and your <li>'s become magically swipable ;)
<ul rn-carousel class="image">
  <li ng-repeat="image in sportImages">
    <div class="layer">{{ image }}</div>
  • You can also use rn-carousel without ng-repeat ;)
<ul rn-carousel class="image">
  <li>slide #1</li>
  <li>slide #2</li>
  <li>slide #3</li>

Directive options :

  • rn-carousel-index two way binding integer to control the carousel position (0-indexed)
  • rn-carousel-buffered add this attribute to enable the carousel buffering, good to minimize the DOM (5 slides)
  • rn-carousel-controls add this attribute to enable builtin prev/next buttons (you can override by CSS)
  • rn-carousel-auto-slide add this attribute to make the carousel slide automatically after given seconds (default=3)
  • rn-carousel-transition : transition type, can be one of slide, zoom, hexagon, fadeAndSlide, none. (default=slide)
  • rn-carousel-locked: two way binding boolean that lock/unlock the carousel
  • rn-carousel-deep-watch: Deep watch the collection which enable to dynamically add slides at beginning without corrupting position
  • rn-carousel-easing: add this attritube to specify a formula for easing, these can be found in the shifty library (default=easeIn)
  • rn-carousel-duration: add this attribute to set the duration of the transition (default=300)
  • rn-carousel-controls-allow-loop: add this attribute to allow looping through slides from prev/next controls


You can add position indicators by adding this directive where you want :

<div rn-carousel-indicators ng-if="slides.length > 1" slides="slides" rn-carousel-index="carouselIndex"></div>
  • slides is the same collection you use in the carousel ng-repeat
  • carouselIndex is the same index you've defined for the carousel

Notes :

  • if you use IE<=9, iOS<7 or Android<4 please include the requestAnimationFrame polyfill in your application.
  • if you use IE<=8 include the es5-shim polyfill in your application.
  • don't set any style attribute to your li's. they would be overwritten by the carousel (use classes instead).
  • angular-carousel use the great shifty.js for the animations

Todo :

  • delay autoslide on indicators click/move
  • customisable transitions
  • more transition types
  • infinite loop support




As AngularJS itself, this module is released under the permissive MIT license. Your contributions are always welcome.

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