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A simple Python/Jabber BOT that tracks online user presence.

Users add the bot to their roster and their status are then tracked.

The bot offers an http/json interface to query user statuses. results are JSON or images.

There is also a JS API to display your team jabber status and redirect users accordingly.

You can also use on remote servers to track their status (add this script to your @reboot cron command)

usage :

  • edit
  • python ./

server admin commands :

theses commands need the pwd GET parameter (set in config)

  • /users : return the full roster with user status as json
  • /send?msg=blabla%20blabla& : send a jabber message to

public commands :

  • /status/ : return user status as json

  • /status/,, : return 'online' status as json

  • /imgstatus/ : display online image if this user online

  • /imgstatus/, : display online image if one of this user online

  • the 'imgstatus' command takes two optional params : on and off which are the online and offline image which will be displayed instead of the default.

  • Json commands have a 'callback' optional parameters that you can use to cross-domain include this result in your applications. (remote script include)

dependencies :